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Joybed: Latex Free Mattress Review 2024

Looking for a latex free mattress? It can be harder than you would think. And it can be more expensive than you’d like. Which is why I’m happy to tell you about Joybed!

Joybed latex free mattress on bed frame in modern room
Non Latex Mattress from Joybed
Photo Courtesy of Joybed

Qualifications for My Review: I actually own a Joybed Mattress and have had it for several years. It has been passed down to my family who is using it and getting better sleep than they did with their previous latex mattress.

Joybed Mattress was developed using their designer’s decades of previous mattress design.

They have taken what they like, and didn’t like, about all other conventional mattresses and created an all natural mattress using only cotton, wool and plant based materials. They are passionate about not using chemicals in their beds.

joybed mattress tag on natural bed
Joybed tag on mattress.

Natural Materials Used

For chemically sensitive individuals, you can request free samples of Joybed materials to test in your home.

kid on all natural joy bed mattress
My nephew enjoying the natural Joybed mattress

All of the materials are from American suppliers 🙂 Plus, the mattresses are made in the USA in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Here are the natural materials that you will find in a Joybed latex free mattress:


FYI: Wool is only used in Joybed’s Luxury Firm (Joybed LX) and Luxury Plush mattress (Joybed LXP). Joybed’s Medium mattress (Joybed LXC) does not contain wool, and is a vegan mattress.

edge of joybed all natural mattress
Edge and detail of Joybed LX mattress

Wool is amazing for a mattress because it’s like a miracle fiber. It whisks away moisture easily, absorbing up to 30% of its weight in moisture.

Wool’s moisture wicking properties are important because that is one of the ways it helps regulate your temperature. When you are sleeping at night, you will start perspiring if you get even a little warm. Wool will wick that moisture away (and the heat) and keep you cool. (Polyester fibers only wick away about 0.4% of their weight in moisture.)

When it is cold, wool’s fibers are filled with lots of tiny little air pockets that insulate you naturally. The wool will trap the heat and keep you warm.

Wool fibers are also naturally antimicrobial. 

Joybed’s wool comes from Oregon. The sheep graze on grassy fields and not organic feed, so they are not certified organic.


American grown cotton is used in Joybed. 

Cotton is another natural material that helps you regulate temperature. Cotton can absorb up to 9% of its weight in moisture.

GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Cover Joybed Mattress

The outer cover of the mattress is GOTS Certified Organic cotton.

The cotton inside the mattress is not certified organic.

Plant Based Fibers

Joybed uses a variety of plant fibers to meet federal fire safety certifications without having to spray toxic chemicals for fire retardants.

The plant fibers include leaves and stems from farm crops, such as potatoes and beans. It is an unusual concept if you are not familiar with it. Yet the fibers do provide softness and fire safety with no chemicals.

Latex Free Mattress in a Box

Joybed has a really strong desire to have a foam free and latex free mattress.

joybed mattress covered in organic cotton cover

Foam in mattresses is often made with an alphabet soup of chemicals. These chemicals are not something that you want to be laying on all night. And they tend to off gas VOCs.

Latex can be man made from chemicals or natural from a rubber tree. I have many natural latex beds and mattress toppers and can honestly say that I enjoy them. Although I do agree that they sleep hot.

Yet many people DON’T want a latex mattress, even if it is all natural. The reasons include:

  • Latex Allergy
  • Mattresses made from latex can sleep hot (they don’t release heat)
  • Latex mattresses can be very heavy and difficult to move

Many natural mattress options today contain latex. Especially bed in a box mattresses because latex can be compressed and fit into a box. 

It is definitely unusual to find a latex free mattress in a box. Joybed is among the few companies offering that mattress option.

joy bed in a box all natural mattress
Latex mattress in a box

Joybed Review

I chose a queen Joybed mattress in Medium Comfort to review. When I received my mattress, there was only one choice (The Original, as its now known, which is the Joybed LX) and it came in a 12-inch thickness. There are different options now.

Joybed mattress comes in:

  • Luxury Medium-Firm – Joybed LX (10 inch thickness)
  • Luxury Euro Top – Joybed LXE (15 inch thickness)
  • Luxury Plush – Joybed LXP (12 inch thickness)

After my Joybed mattress was ordered, I was surprised at how quickly it came!

Joybed mattress will arrive in about 3-5 days and includes free shipping and handling. It does come as a bed in a box.

After the box was delivered, we unrolled it on a bed frame. The non latex mattress quickly and easily unrolled and decompressed within a minute or so.

joybed mattress wrapped in plastic on bed frame

I’ll admit, I didn’t know what to expect. I’ve tried a variety of all natural mattresses. But I’ve never tried a mattress with plant based fibers as the fire safety. So I was kind of secretly hoping it wasn’t a hard, scratchy bed that smelled weird and wasn’t comfortable. 

My fears were unfounded.

What we discovered is that Joybed is quite comfortable and looks and feels like a traditional mattress!

joybed mattress on bed frame
kid sitting on all natural material mattress

Our Joybed Mattress is definitely firm. It is a supportive mattress with a soft topper that took a little getting used to.

I gave my mattress to my mom, who needed a new bed. She added a 3 inch topper and sleeps great on this mattress now. Previously, she was sleeping on a latex mattress and it wasn’t giving her much support.

It does have pocketed innerspring coils, and I like the combination of an innerspring mattress with all natural materials.

I did not notice any smell with the Joybed mattress. While I know that the all natural materials would not be off gassing chemicals, sometimes natural mattresses can still have an offensive smell. There was no odor with this non latex mattress.

Joybed Return Policy

I’m like you. There’s no way that I’m going to order a natural mattress online if it doesn’t have a great return policy.

And Joybed does!

You will have 120 nights to try out Joybed. If you don’t like it, they’ll return your money, except for a $139 processing fee AND a 10% restocking fee.

cotton plants for all natural material mattress Joybed review

Would I recommend Joybed as a great latex free mattress? Absolutely, YES!

Joybed Mattress Delivery

I’ve been pretty vocal about how difficult it can be to get a bed in a box mattress delivery when it’s not delivered to your door. We live on a second floor and have found that UPS or FedEx do not carry the box up the stairs. If you have a bedroom on a second floor inside your home, and cannot lift the very heavy box, you might have problems, as well.

Joybed does offer a delivery service (often known as White Glove delivery) which will arrange for a time to have delivery people deliver the bed and set it up, as well as bring away an old mattress. The service does cost $250 and takes about 1-2 weeks to schedule. However, it could be worth it to you.

The Joybed latex free mattress is the perfect addition for a non-toxic bedroom. Here are some more ideas to create a comfy bedroom:


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Wednesday 6th of March 2024

I absolutely loved my joy bed. And when I went to buy a bigger one because I got married and needed a bigger mattress, I found out that this company is no longer in business. I was so disappointed. It was such a good mattress at a reasonable price. To find another organic, natural mattress at a reasonable price has been impossible for me. I have no idea why this company went out of business. But sadly they have. Unfortunately, they haven't taken down their website so they lead you to believe that it's possible to still buy a mattress from them.


Tuesday 19th of March 2024

Erika, we found that the website is still working and you can order. Perhaps it was a one-time problem with the website? I'd encourage you to try again! It is a great company!


Wednesday 26th of May 2021

Do you feel the coils like other consumers complained?

Kimberly Button

Wednesday 2nd of June 2021

I definitely think it's one of the more firm mattresses I've tried. I haven't noticed the coils as much as others.


Wednesday 21st of April 2021

There is a $139 processing fee to return mattress.


Thursday 30th of March 2023

@Kimberly Button, I was told yesterday there was a 10% restocking fee in addition to the processing fee of 139. as much as I looked on their website, I couldn’t find that restocking fee. I’m sure it’s there somewhere.

Kimberly Button

Wednesday 21st of April 2021

Lisa, Thank you. This is a new fee. I'm updating the post now.


Thursday 26th of September 2019

Do you have a referral discount code if I want to try joybed?

Kimberly Button

Monday 30th of September 2019

Hi Julie! Thanks for asking! Yes, I do. It is

Gerry Walls

Thursday 1st of August 2019

So if I’m looking for super single bed (king) and adjustable frames what would I be paying?

Kimberly Button

Friday 2nd of August 2019

If you click on the colored links in the article, it will bring you to Joybed's website. Prices might change, so I'd suggest checking them out!