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Peter Rossi

Wednesday 21st of July 2021


My name is Peter Rossi, I am ex-Head of Product Design at Jacuzzi.

I have recently started my private practice as a bespoke hot tub designer, and I am trying to put my name out there.

I was looking for blogs with good name and authority where I would be proud to have a publication; I like your blog and I would love to contribute if that is possible.

Would you, in principle, consider publishing a non-promotional guest post from me?

If so, I can share with you a few article ideas I had in mind - and let's see if you like any or not.

Best, Peter Rossi Bespoke Hot Tub Designer

Branda Suther

Wednesday 16th of June 2021

Hello. I just read your article "How to deodorize a closet naturally". I wanted to let you know that only the first product link actually worked. The second was listed as "currently unavailable" on Amazon and the next ones took you to an "oops" page.

I thought you might want to link to me products that people could buy now. Hope this helps. Have a Blessed day!



Sunday 25th of April 2021

Re: toilet bombs

I am in the understanding that you should not mix vinegar and peroxide You are the second recipe I have looked at where they use both. Any thought? I am trying to go green wherever I can Also are these then septic safe as well? Thanks MDAY

Nancy Judd

Friday 15th of July 2011

Thanks for all your tweets, and I love what you are doing too!

Lindsay Walsh

Thursday 12th of November 2009


We handle the PR for Weleda and just read your wonderful blog review, thank you SO much! They have a new body care line they just launched, would love to send you more info.

thanks! Lindsay