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Thursday 30th of December 2021

Hi there,

I hope this message finds you! I came across your post about combating cystic acne with oil cleansing. I was desperate searching on Google. No prescriptions have worked — topical and oral. I’ve been oil cleansing using the Badger product you mentioned and for the first time in 15+ years, I ham seeing results.

Thank you, and I hope to learn of more skincare products from your site.

Warmly, Sam

Kimberly Button

Sunday 2nd of January 2022

Samantha, Thank you so much for letting me know! I agree, nothing else has worked for me other than Badger's facial cleansing oils. I stock up when it's on sale. I'm glad you have found a solution!


Saturday 28th of August 2021

I’m having trouble with getting rid of green onions! I’ve tried every weed killer even Dyi killers! Any suggestions for me?

Kimberly Button

Thursday 9th of September 2021

I don't have any suggestions for green onions other than to dig out the bulbs! I have them and am trying to remove them, too. The problem is you have to remove the bulbs or else they'll come back.

Nancy Judd

Friday 15th of July 2011

Thanks for all your tweets, and I love what you are doing too!