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Best Gifts Under 30 Dollars

Best Holiday Gifts under 30 dollars in 2024. Cool presents for both men and women.

holiday gifts wrapped in brown and white paper with gold polka dots and pink bows holiday gift guide

When you ask someone what they want for a gift and they say, “I don’t know” it is annoying. Once you get past the feelings of frustration and panic after that response, you’re still going to need to buy a gift.

That’s why I rounded up the Best Gifts Under $30 That They Didn’t Know They Wanted!

Choose some of these unique and fun holiday gifts for men and women. There’s something for everyone!

Password Book

No one can remember all of their passwords. NO ONE! This gift is a sanity saver!

I have a password book and I use it multiple times each day. I promise you, if you get them a password book as a gift they will be thanking you for months afterwards! You don’t realize how much you need one of these until you start using it!

Desktop Zen Garden

It is hard to pick a favorite zen garden from all of these unique options! She also has dinosaur zen gardens, unicorn pony zen gardens, Christmas-themed, and more. You’re sure to find something for everyone’s personality type.

Photo Credit: Etsy/ZenFoxStudio

Anyone working from home needs one of these this year!

Essential Oil Diffuser / Humidifier

This Guru Nanda Modern essential oil diffuser acts as a mini humidifier, too. The lightweight and small device is perfect for home or travel. The option of using the rotating lights, or a single colored light, makes this a fun gift with multiple benefits. See my video for how it looks when using the changing colors option.

Mini Succulent Garden

What I love best about these small gardens is that they come ready to enjoy! Lula’s Garden plants are sent in the mail with a full-size plant, already in soil and in a gift box “pot” so that they don’t have to do anything but enjoy!

The mini succulent garden is under $30. Bigger gardens are more, but they’re definitely worth it! What a great gift to give and receive.

Perfect for office co-workers, plant parents, and anyone you don’t know what to buy them!

Lighted Gloves

I never knew these gloves with a flashlight attached even existed! This is the type of gift that they didn’t realize they wanted (or needed) until they get it!

Great for anyone that does car repair, woodworking, handyman jobs, fishing, small detail work, etc.

15-in-1 Survival Kit Pack

This multipurpose tool kit that is great for preppers, hunters, campers, boaters, and anyone that wants to be prepared for an emergency. You might want to get one for yourself, too, to put in your car or survival gear at home.

Hand Warmer / Phone Charger Combo

A brilliant gift for the winter! Not only is it a hand warmer to keep your fingers warm, but it also works as a phone charger for longer use of your phone!

Toilet Time Golf Game

When you want to give a gag gift that might otherwise be useful! LOL!

They will probably actually use this funny toilet golf game once or twice just to laugh! Sure, it might end up in the guest bathroom, but they’ll probably love putting it there for the conversation!

Multi-Plug Outlet Extender and Charging Station

This practical gift will be used every day in their office or home. Just plug in the outlet extender and instantly add additional outlets and USB ports, along with a phone charger shelf.

Beanie Hat with Light

This hat with a built-in light is a great idea for runners, bikers, dog walkers and anyone who spends time outdoors. Also perfect for camping and hiking.

Camping and Survival Multi Tool

I’m a big fan of giving multitool gifts. Because it seems everyone can use one. I like this 16-in-1 multitool because there are more options than an army knife would provide. Great to put in a car or vehicle for emergencies, or to bring while camping.

Silicone Wine Glasses

After accidentally dropping a glass on our patio and having glass shards everywhere, I now only use silicone glasses outside.

The glasses won’t break – even when you’re sipping wine on the porch, enjoying a cocktail on a hike, or have a toddler that throws everything to the floor.

Digital Bank

Everyone has spare change laying around. And most people don’t know what to do with it. With this fun digital bank, now they’ll know the exact amount they have without having to guess! Perfect for saving up for a vacation or a big purchase.


This portable hammock works both in the backyard and while camping in the woods. Great for hikers, RVers and campers. But also works for anyone wanting to nap in the backyard between two shade trees!

Organic Handmade Soap Set

Photo Credit: Etsy/BotanyBarn

Choose four fragrances from a list of many options to customize these natural soaps in a fun gift box. I love some of the unusual options, such as Uncorked!

Floral Stationery Set

Everyone loves to get a handwritten letter in the mail. Help bring back the lost art of letter writing with this gorgeous stationery set. You won’t believe how inexpensive it is!

Motion Detector Toilet Bowl Night Light

This funny gift actually will be quite useful! The motion detector toilet bowl light has a motion sensor to softly illuminate the inside of the toilet in a variety of rainbow colors. Perfect for late night bathroom visits!

Big Book of Unusual Knowledge

A great coffee table book that also teaches you something! It will be a constant source of unusual knowledge and trivia.

Woman holding stack of presents wrapped in brown paper and white bow holiday gift guide

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Sunday 19th of November 2017

Ha Ha. I want to get my father in law those funny planters. He is hard to buy for but loves tooling around with plants. Those would be perfect! Thanks for these suggestions.

Kimberly Button

Monday 20th of November 2017

Wonderful! Aren't they so cute? Love finding these cute ideas, too!