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Best Eco Friendly Gifts 2021 | Green Gift Guide

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The best eco friendly gifts for everyone in our annual Green Gifts Guide for 2021!

eco friendly shopping bag and clothing gifts

Are you wondering what are the best gifts for tree huggers? Wondering what the best eco friendly gifts are to give (or get yourself)?

If you or your friends or family would prefer Green Gifts this year – gifts that are sustainable, ethical, eco-conscious and promise to do good for others or the planet – then you’ve got to check out these awesome eco friendly gifts.

In a hurry? These gifts (included below) are best sellers and are guaranteed to be a perfect gift!
Water painting canvas, Reusable notebook, Wooden toy blocks.

This Green Gift Guide features eco friendly gifts for the home, sustainable products to use every day, and fun finds for him or her to happily add to their conscious lifestyle.

Consider using eco-friendly gift wrap for a truly sustainable gift!

Eco Friendly Gifts for Home

Organic Cotton Knitted Weighted Blanket

Most weighted blankets look like comforters. But this chunky knitted blanket offers a more casual look.

Made with organic cotton, the weighted throw could reduce stress and improve sleep, according to medical research.

Solar Powered Flickering Candles

Enjoy flickering candle light without the worry of actual flames with these solar powered candles. These eco friendly gifts from MPOWERD (they have a variety of lights, including solar powered string lights, too) are reusable and perfect for sustainable living, whether at home or camping.

Water Painting Buddha Board

Give the gift of relaxation with this water painting BUDDHA BOARD. Paint images on the eco conscious reusable canvas using water and a bamboo brush. As the image evaporates, a clean slate is revealed for a new image. Perfect for encouraging mindfulness and relaxation.

Eco Friendly Lunch Bag

Help them be more eco-friendly by bringing their lunch to work. These Ru Supply Company bags are ethically and sustainably made from recycled polyester and yarn. I love mine because the spill-resistant and machine washable bags roll up and snap in place to only use the space you need.

Amaranth Vase

This looks like an ordinary vase, but it’s not! The Amaranth Vase is uniquely designed to easily drain and change the water without needing to take the flowers out of the vase.

I have a pink vase, and it is gorgeous! It’s a little larger than most, and is heavier (about 2 lbs). It’s great because it can definitely extend the life of displaying flowers at home.

Reusable Straw

silicone reusable straw in carrying case

We love this GoSili silicone reusable straw that comes in bright colors and has its own carrying tin. Perfect for throwing in a purse or backpack! Plus, the price is super affordable!

Essential Oil Calendar

This calendar of 25 mini essential oil bottles from Edens Garden is perfect as an advent calendar or just to introduce her to some favorite new blends.

Reusable Coffee / Tea Mugs

It doesn’t get any easier to give an eco-friendly gift than to choose a reusable coffee travel mug (also great for hot tea or hot chocolate!). Instead of the same-old stainless steel tumblers, choose something unique and colorful like this collapsible drink tumbler. I love the ones with National Park aesthetics personally, but there’s a color for everyone!

Branch Basics

Giving green cleaning products might not sound exciting at first. But once they try this super-powerful, non-toxic concentrate that cleans everything effectively without any nasty smells, they’ll love it starting with spring cleaning on January 1!

Branch Basics cleaning bottles against white background

The green cleaning starter kit will be boxed attractively. And the bottles come in a reusable tote bag (see me unboxing a Starter Kit).

Get $10 off your first purchase with my referral link. It’s so good you’ll probably want to order a kit for yourself, too!

Bambu Products

bamboo utensils

Bambu has created a variety of home goods out of the bamboo plant, a rapidly renewable plant source. The company uses sustainable materials such as cork and organic cotton for modern chic homewares, including trays, cork bowls and kitchen utensils.

cork bowl holding garlic

Made Trade

green vine plant in pottery pot against brick wall

You can find the most amazing things for the home (along with sustainable fashion, too!) at Made Trade.

Their products are “ethically elevated,” which means they could be sustainable, Fair Trade, Vegan, USA Made, 100% carbon neutral shipping or a combination of those values.

Solar Panel Charger

The power of the sun is a miraculous thing. And when they have this folding solar panel power station, they can harness it to charge cell phones anywhere (especially great for campers, RVers and preppers).

What’s great about this Jackery portable solar panel is that it can be partnered with their portable generator to go completely off-grid.

Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Water bottles that I can put ice cubes in! Thesse reusable containers are so much better than those small neck ones that I had. Now I can clean my bottles and stay healthy. Plus, lots of fun colors and styles!

There are A LOT of stainless steel insulated water bottles out there. But the best ones I’ve found are Hydro Flask.

Hot liquids stay hot for hours, and ice stays solid for up to a day. Plus, I’ve dropped them quite frequently and they are still holding up strong.

Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

These makeup remover pads can be washed to reuse again and again. Perfect for removing face and eye makeup, as well as washing the face.

The pads come in a variety of organic materials and start at around $10.

Lotus Trolley Bag Reusable Shopping Bags

Know someone who hates using plastic bags? Then you’ll definitely want to give them a Lotus Trolley Bag.

Lotus Trolley Bag Reusable Bags in Shopping Cart

Simply attach the Lotus Trolley Bags to your shopping cart handle while shopping. Then unfold and expand to add food into the bags as you are checking out. When you get your shopping cart to your car, then the bags easily are unattached from each other for easy storage in your vehicle until you get home.

Reusable Coffee Filters

Pretty much the perfect gift for any coffee lover! They can ditch the disposable cups and soggy paper filters and use these reusable coffee filters for the perfect cup of java.

Beeswax Wraps

beeswax wrap on glass bowl with salad

Beeswax wraps replace the need to use plastic wrap, disposable plastic bags or even aluminum foil. Instead, cover dishes with these moldable food wraps.

Bonus: This set also comes with a produce shopping bag and 2 beeswax bars!

Stainless Steel Storage Containers

three stainless steel storage containers with blue, orange and teal colored silicone lids and almonds on white background

I really love ECOLunchbox solid stainless steel bowls with flexible silicone lids that stay on. These are among the best non-toxic stainless steel reusable containers that I have found. Perfect for travel and bringing lunch to work!

Reusable Notebook

Love sketching or jotting down notes? But hate wasting paper? Then the Everlast Notebook by Rocketbook is the perfect solution!

everlast notebook by pocketbook reusable notebook pages

Everlast Notebook by Rocketbook has been the number one selling notebook on Amazon. It’s no wonder why. The zero waste gift never runs out of pages.

This ingenious notebook system allows for doodling, drawing, sketching, note taking – anything that would be written down on paper.  Just use a pen from the Pilot Frixion line of pens. Then scan the page with an app and your work is saved to the Cloud. Afterwards, simply wipe off the pages and you’ll have a blank canvas.

everlast notebook by rocketbook reusable pages

Cork Handbags

I love cork purses. I have a few, and they are definitely a conversation starter! This cork accessories store on Etsy sells the most amazing cork purses, jewelry and shoes. Prices are pretty low, with many purses starting around $25.

All Natural Room Spray

pure essential oil room spray in glass bottle air freshener

Eden Garden’s pure essential room spray is perfect for freshening up any room in the house, or to lightly spray bedding. I absolutely love the Frankincense Lime Room Spray made with 100% pure essential oils and packaged in a reusable glass bottle. (Check out the other unique scents, too!)

Wood Blocks

Encourage non-motorized play with these classic natural wood blocks. Not only will you be supporting a small business, but the ingredients list includes good vibes, happy thoughts and Minnesota nice (and who wouldn’t want to give that to kids?).

You might also check out Roy Toy Wooden blocks and log cabin sets, too.

Wood Puzzle

This cute wooden puzzle is perfect for kids. Make it an extra special gift by having it personalized. BannorToys handcrafts a variety of wooden toys for kids of all ages. You’re going to want to get more than one of their heirloom toys!

See some of my top picks in my YouTube video:

Best Eco Friendly Gifts Green Gift Guide

Gift Guides

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