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My Green Fills: Non-Toxic Laundry Wash Review

If you are looking for a non-toxic laundry wash that is zero waste and eco-friendly, My Green Fills could be your cleaning solution.

my green fills laundry wash bottles

My Green Fills

My Green Fills is a product created by Selestial Soaps “to create sustainable non-toxic products that work great and save money.” We agree, after trying out the samples that they sent us for review.

The products from My Green Fills are safe, non-toxic and eco-friendly products sent to your door. Because the concentrate is sent to use in a reusable jug, the laundry wash is a way to start going zero waste with your cleaning supplies.

For the Laundry Wash, you will be sent a laundry wash jug in your first shipment. Future shipments as you need them will include just a packet of the concentrate. You can then add that to the jug, fill with water, shake and you’ll have a full bottle of laundry detergent to use.

The My Green Fills product line includes:

  • Laundry Wash (both Unscented and Signature Scent)
  • Laundry Rinse (both Unscented and Signature Scent)
  • Enzyme Stain Remover
  • Non-Toxic Stain Sticks
  • OxyBoost Brightener
  • Dryer Angels
  • Laundry Machine Cleaner (although we suggest using our tips of how to clean your washing machine which don’t cost much money)
  • Room Freshener
my green fills laundry wash bottle

My Green Fills Laundry Wash Review

I used the My Green Fills products and am pleased with the results. The unscented wash definitely is just that! No smell! Which is great for anyone with fragrance allergies.

The clothes came out clean and fresh with the comforting certainty that there are no harmful chemicals on myself or my loved ones.

The Laundry Wash works in HE Washers. And it works great in cold water, too.

The Stain Remover was not able to remove the grease stain on my shirt, however it may be effective for less stubborn stains.

my green fills stain remover

*Note: This My Green Fills review was originally published in 2015. It has been updated with correct information. However, the photos of packaging have changed since then.

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There are a variety of ways to clean you home without toxic chemicals.

We also love Branch Basics, which offers one non-toxic concentrate for cleaning your entire home. Including laundry. Save 15% on Starter Kits with our code GETGREENBEWELL.

You can clean leather with coconut oil to avoid chemicals. And clean your toilet with vinegar.


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Sunday 7th of February 2021

I already have the jug. I need the price for the refill unscented laundry wash please.

Kimberly Button

Sunday 7th of February 2021

You'll need to look on their website for the most current pricing.


Friday 28th of August 2015

These look really interesting. Will have to check them out. Love to find new 'green' products.