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How to Use Vinegar to Clean Your Toilet

The next time you notice a ring around your toilet, don’t reach for a bottle of smelly chemical cleaner. Instead, look to your pantry. Because you can use vinegar to clean your toilet!

Use vinegar to clean your toilet! It's nontoxic and natural. Costs just pennies! And it's was easier than you might think. This green cleaning hack deserves to be a part of your cleaning routine.

That’s right. This pantry staple that costs just pennies per use is an all-star in the cleaning world.

Even on toilets.

How to Use Vinegar to Clean Your Toilet

Whether you are doing a weekly cleaning or need to clean after weeks of grime have built up, vinegar can clean your toilet easily.

First, be sure to choose white distilled vinegar.

Here’s a helpful list of what kind of vinegar to clean with

Don’t use apple cider vinegar. The brown color could stain your toilet. Sure, it will clean just as well. But you don’t want to have to worry about staining.

Vinegar Bottles

Next, fill a clean spray bottle with white vinegar. You could just pour from the vinegar bottle, but you’ll use a lot less with a spray bottle. You’ll also be apply to apply the vinegar to the entire inside of the bowl and spray on targeted areas.

Spray some white vinegar inside the toilet bowl and let it sit for a few minutes. I usually let it work for at least 10 minutes. You can also let it sit for several hours or even overnight.

You can even just pour the vinegar into the toilet bowl’s water and let it sit. This is especially effective if there is a toilet ring at water height. I’ve done this when we leave the house for a while.

Use vinegar to clean your toilet! It's nontoxic and natural. Costs just pennies! And it's was easier than you might think. This green cleaning hack deserves to be a part of your cleaning routine.

When it comes time to scrub your toilet, use a toilet brush dipped in the clean toilet bowl water. Then start scrubbing. You will be surprised at how well the grimy mess comes off after soaking in vinegar.

For cleaning places on the toilet or in the tub where you want to vinegar to cling for a while, and not run down, then make this easy vinegar cleaning gel.

Still got some stubborn stains in your toilet? Try the vinegar one more time. If it still doesn’t work, then consider a hydrogen peroxide-based bleach or a non-toxic toilet bowl cleaner product (this is the one that I use when I don’t use vinegar).

Worried about how well vinegar can kill germs? Don’t be. The acidity in vinegar kills germs, bacteria and mold on contact.

Vinegar can be used to clean so many things, including using vinegar to clean a showerhead and even using vinegar to kill weeds outdoors. And here’s the easy steps on how to clean retainers with vinegar.

Here’s 400 more ways to use vinegar!

While television commercials would have you believe that you need harsh chemicals to disinfect your toilet, a healthier alternative of white vinegar will work just as well.

Use vinegar to clean your toilet! It's nontoxic and natural. Costs just pennies! And it's was easier than you might think. This green cleaning hack deserves to be a part of your cleaning routine.

I’ve never been too sure why people are so ridiculously worried about clean toilet bowl water, either. What are you doing with the toilet bowl water to need it to be so freakishly germ free?

Yes, kill germs when you can. But why are you so concerned about water you never touch, would not wash your hands with, won’t touch your body and doesn’t come out of the toilet under most normal daily conditions???

And you won’t be flushing your hard earned dollars down the toilet, either, when you use vinegar to clean your toilet.

Want to reduce the amount of time you need in between scrubbing your toilet bowl? Check out these easy nontoxic DIY fizzy toilet bowl cleaner tablets.

You might also want to see how vinegar is great at removing rust stains in a bath tub.


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Novella C. Hall

Sunday 31st of January 2021

I really enjoyed your clear expalanation. for a minute there, I thought to use the german vinegar for weeds between blocks on my patio. but am deterred by the promise of unpleasant odor, and fear it may hurt doggie paws.


Wednesday 29th of January 2020

can you us it with a septic tank and will it clean the pipes?

Donna Mandell

Wednesday 29th of January 2020

Only problem I've found is the %number on vinegar bottles has to be high in order to kill anything & grocery stores & in my pantry only have very low % so doesn't do anything. For gardens you need at least 35% & grocery stores don't sell that.

Kimberly Button

Wednesday 29th of January 2020

The acidity level does need to be higher than kitchen vinegar to kill weeds and plants. However, the 5% acidity of white distilled vinegar sold in the kitchen aisles does kill germs in your home.


Thursday 1st of August 2019

I've successfully used Cleaning Vinegar to kill Poison Oak very effectively. Dilute a cup of salt In a minimal amount of water. Pour it into a bowl, bucket or large pot with a gallon of Clear "Cleaning Vinegar". Add a teaspoon of dish soap. Spray on the exposed parts of the plant, and pour directly on the stem to kill the roots. Wear protective gear, as sometimes Poison Oak "sweats" and you can pick it up from the air.

Peggy Kennedy

Wednesday 29th of January 2020

Most of my poison ivy is under trees will pouring this mixture harm the trees. I don’t want to lose my trees ?

Kimberly Button

Friday 2nd of August 2019

Great information for using vinegar in the garden :)


Friday 19th of January 2018

Ha ha. I often think about that too while cleaning the toilet.. what's the stress all about? LOL! I like to used denture tablets too. I can drop them in and walk away for a little while. They work great too.

Kimberly Button

Saturday 20th of January 2018

I’ve heard that, too. Great idea!