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Indoor Air Quality Monitor: Atmotube Review

You probably already know that indoor air quality (IAQ) is super important. But how do you know if your home’s air is filled with pollutants or not? My review of Atmotube Pro will show you why you need an indoor air quality monitor.

woman's hand holding atmotube pro personal indoor air quality monitor

Indoor Air Quality Monitor 

A decade ago, it was nearly impossible for homeowners to know what was lurking in their indoor air.  You just had to guess what might be floating in the air. Or pay a professional tester thousands of dollars to come to your home.

Thankfully not anymore!

With today’s technology and personal sensors, such as Atmotube Pro, everyone can now see how good (or bad) their indoor air quality is at home. Which means you can be empowered to know whether or not to make changes in your home. 

atmotube pro personal air quality sensor

And with a personal air pollution sensor, you can keep track of the quality of your indoor air every day. So you will know over the course of time if you might have a pollution problem indoors or outdoors.

P.S. I think this indoor air quality test is great, and gives a detailed reading of all the types of VOCs in your home. However, it is a one-time test. So I’d suggest pairing both the test and a indoor air quality monitor to really know how healthy your indoor air is. 

Atmotube Review

I was surprised to discover Atmotube as a portable indoor air quality monitor. Not only does it test the air inside the home, it also tests air quality outdoors, too.

The small device also alerts you to environmental changes, as well, such as temperature, humidity and the atmospheric pressure. (See my screenshots from the Atmotube app below.)

atmotube air quality report humidity
atmotube personal air quality sensor report

And Atmotube is completely portable. Which means you can take it traveling, at school, at work, and other places you spend a lot of time.

When Atmotube offered to send me an Atmotube PRO monitor to review, I was excited to put it to the test and let you know how it works in the real world.

There is an Atmotube PLUS which only monitors VOC levels. If you want to know a more detailed report of your IAQ, be sure to get the Atmotube PRO. The peace of mind will be worth it.

What Pollutants Does Atmotube PRO Test?

Not all air pollution is the same. And the types of air pollution change throughout the day and throughout the year.

Atmotube tests a variety of air pollutants both indoors and outdoors, including:

  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) These small particles in the air come from off gassing products. VOCs can be from natural products. But most people are concerned with VOCs from chemicals, including formaldehyde, benzene, toluene and other nasty things.
  • PM10 The biggest particles in the air, these are still too tiny to see! Particulates of this size are about 30 times smaller than the width of human hair. Pollen, mold, and dust from construction work are examples of PM10 particles.
  • PM2.5 Even smaller than PM10 are these particles, which means they could get into your body even more easily. These are common from combustion activities, which can include burning wood, wildfires, power plants, and motor vehicle exhaust.
  • PM1 These tiny particles are more likely to be breathed in deeper into your lungs and respirator system. They are often emissions from vehicles, factories, construction work and road dust.

How Can I See the Indoor Air Quality Results?

Atmotube has two different ways to quickly check your air quality report.

First, the small device has a indicator light on the outside. When that light is illuminated, it will show a color which corresponds to a pollution level. The ratings are:

  • Blue – Good
  • Green – Moderate
  • Yellow – Polluted
  • Orange – Very Polluted
  • Red – Severely Polluted

The more in-depth and extensive way to see your indoor air quality, though, is to look it up on the free Atmotube app. When you invest in an Atmotube, you will sync it with the app once. From there, your air quality reports will always be visible in the app.

Your air quality report in the app will break down the amounts of particulates in the air.

atmotube personal indoor air quality monitor report

For instance, you can see a score of how many PM1, PM2.5 and PM10 particles are in the air. VOC concentration will be listed, as well.

Does Atmotube Work?

I’ve been using the Atmotube for a couple weeks. At first, I was a little concerned it wasn’t working. My light was always showing blue and the numbers didn’t seem to change too much. 

But I was only testing my own indoor air quality at home. And it’s surprisingly good (Thank God!). 

I wish I had the Atmotube PRO in our rental home in Orlando where I’m pretty sure I was suffering from mold illness. It would have been so interesting to see what Atmotube said my air quality was inside that home. Now I’ve moved to the mountains of North Carolina in a much cleaner house, so my IAQ readings are much better.

So I decided to put Atmotube to the test.

I made sure my indoor air quality score was good. In fact, it was showing in the high 90s on a scale of 1-100.

Then I sprayed hairspray in the bathroom. And I tested the bathroom air.


The Atmotube instantly went from a blue light on the outside to a red light. And as you saw in the list above, Red indicated severely polluted air.

Then I looked at the app. The numbers were crazy.

All of a sudden, the PM readings and the VOCs level went super high. And the air quality score dropped to 0. (Be sure to watch my Atmotube Review video showing what happened in real time. It is crazy how polluted the air got instantly, and you’ll want to see the numbers yourself.)

Atmotube air quality monitor in hand

So it really did respond in real time to the pollution that was in the air I was breathing.

You will be able to hear a faint humming of the Atmotube motor intermittently while it is on. This is when the personal air quality sensor is reading the air quality. It’s a very, very faint sound.

How to Clean Your Indoor Air

After using an indoor air quality sensor like Atmotube, you may find that your numbers aren’t as great as you’d like.

That’s okay.

There’s plenty of things you can do to improve your indoor air quality quickly.

Many of you are very concerned about VOCs in your home. This paint can seal in VOCs and it’s easy to use.

One of the key ways I have such clean indoor air is I use houseplants. I have a lot of plants which help to purify indoor air. I am especially passionate about using these plants which are great to put in the bedroom for better sleep.


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Wednesday 23rd of December 2020

thanks Kimberly! i appreciate your time writing up great reviews.

after reading about EMF articles i got to read this. and now i wonder can i only record and see Atmotube data while connected to Wi-Fi or bluetooth? i am

i am no longer a fan of wireless connections but i would love to monitor the air i breathe. any thoughts on the best practice how to approach this?

Kimberly Button

Wednesday 23rd of December 2020

Thanks, Elsa! I appreciate it. I also fixed some links that you let me know about. Thank you!

For Atmotube, it's all dependent on their technology and their app. As of now, I don't know how you'd access that information without using a wireless or data connection. You'll need the app, and the device will need to relay information to the app. I'd love to find an indoor air quality monitor that works great that would have a hard connection without using wireless. Maybe soon I'll find one!

Emily Bennette

Tuesday 18th of August 2020

I have been considering getting an indoor air quality monitor. Mainly because my nephew has really bad asthma. So, it would be nice to know if there is something in my air that could give him an asthma attack. It seems like a good thing to get an expert to help with choosing the right system.