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How to Make a Bed More Comfortable (For Cheap)

How to make a bed more comfortable? That was my question when we decided to move into an RV to travel the country for a year or so. The RV came with a mattress – which was hard, thin and in my mind – highly questionable with toxicity.

Super simple way of how to make your bed more comfortable! Why would you get a bad night's sleep again? Just try this trick to sleep better for less!

With the cost of RV living (it’s not as cheap as people promise, folks), I didn’t really want to order a customized non-toxic mattress for the RV. If I had, these are the ones that I wanted to get. And I was really close to buying one, let me tell you.

How to afford a non-toxic bed. An organic mattress can be expensive. Here are brilliant ways to reduce the cost of a healthy bedding and get a good night's sleep and cut down on your family's exposure to chemicals.

There was no way I was using the mattress as it was. So I considered cutting up my beloved Sleep on Latex king-size mattress to make it fit a queen size in an RV. However, I’m not sure how long I want to be RVing, and I hated to cut up a good mattress that I intend on using in my new house.

My cheapest way of how to make a bed more comfortable quickly and easily was to buy a Sleep on Latex mattress topper.

I thought I’d buy the thickest mattress topper available and hopefully it would act as a mini mattress. Disguising the imperfections of the existing mattress and putting a natural barrier between me and the conventional mattress which I fear is coated with flame retardants.

(It’s definitely not perfect or probably even useful, but I’m trying with what I have and what I can afford).

Super simple way to make your bed more comfortable! Why would you get a bad night's sleep again? Just try this trick to sleep better for less!

I bought the 3 inch thickness mattress topper from Sleep on Latex in the medium firmness. It came rolled up in a box that was easy to transport (see it in the video).

From the very first moment that I laid down on the mattress topper on top of the old mattress, I KNEW that I had made the right choice. I slept so good on the bed from the very first night.

Five months later, I still feel the exact same way.

I can’t even tell that the other mattress is under the mattress topper. It’s that comfortable.

Helpful Hint: RV’s have smaller sized mattresses. I needed a queen size that was 5 inches shorter than normal. So I used a electric carving knife to trim the latex mattress topper. Trust me, scissors did NOT work.

Cutting a latex mattress topper requires an electric carving knife. Scissors or a pocket knife will not work to cut the foam.

So I thought, can I just use the mattress topper on the bed platform and get rid of the nasty other mattress permanently? It makes sense, right? Just use this mattress topper as a mattress itself. What a brilliant way to save money on a mattress!

Well, we tried that. And it wasn't entirely comfortable. It's like the mattress topper needs a little something more underneath it. We did put the mattress topper on top of the wooden platform in the bedroom that would be where a normal box spring is.

In our new RV, we actually used several mattress toppers on top of the platform and it worked much better. Here's a video of what we did to make a custom mattress out of mattress toppers:

Either way, the Sleep on Latex mattress topper saved me hundreds of dollars ($300 vs. $879) and was the quickest and easiest way of how to make a bed more comfortable.

However, I've since found that Naturally Nestled offers even less expensive all natural or organic mattress toppers. That's what I used in my second RV.

Super simple way to make your RV bed more comfortable! Why would you get a bad night's sleep again? Just try this trick to sleep better on your exisitng mattress for less!

Whether you've got a too-hard mattress or a mattress that's too lumpy from being used too long, a thick natural latex mattress topper is the best way of how to make a bed more comfortable for cheap.


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Friday 29th of May 2020

Its great. Thanks for sharing

Suzanne Ryan

Sunday 19th of April 2020

Can you please tell me the name of mattress? The Amazon link goes to a search for latex mattress tops. But I’d like to know which one u are using . Thank you Suzanne Ps thank you for all the articles and free course s they are teaching me a lot.

Kimberly Button

Monday 20th of April 2020

Suzanne, Thank you so much!!! I use the Sleep On Latex mattress toppers. I think they are called Pure Green on Amazon. You can also buy through their website and get a money-back guarantee. Another one we have is Latex for Less. Take care and Be Well!

Vinay Singh

Monday 16th of March 2020

Appreciate your contribution as it is unbeatable informational content. Everyone wants to get a good night's sleep without any disturbances. Your suggestion will help many people.

Chandan Seal

Wednesday 22nd of May 2019

You made a good choice there! Yes latex is a proven material to give a good body support. It is also medium-firm, which is what the orthopaedic doctors recommend. Thank you for the suggestion. I may opt for one myself.


Thursday 3rd of January 2019

Could you please tell me if you are a side sleeper, or a back sleeper? I am interested in this topper to make a firm bed a bit softer, I have lower back pain and am a side sleeper. I have read that the company recommends the "soft" firmness on the Amazon reviews for side sleepers, but some commented that it was too soft. Trying to decide between medium and soft firmness. Thanks for this helpful article!

Kimberly Button

Thursday 3rd of January 2019

Rachel, Hi! I do a bit of both. I have tried a "soft" firmness of a mattress topper and it's definitely not enough support for either sleeping on side or back, as far as I'm concerned. Without the support, I feel that I am in pain. I personally like the medium softness, even on top of a firm mattress.