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DIY Sage Spray for Cleansing Home

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Do you want to effectively clean your home – both energetically AND from nasty dirt, grime and bacteria? Then this DIY Sage Spray is perfect for you!

glass clear bottle with diy sage spray real herb leaves against purple cloth and marble background

Maybe you are looking for a sage room spray to help with clearing negative energy. Or maybe you just want a natural multi-purpose cleaner that smells good.

Whether or not you believe in the energy cleaning power of sage, this DIY sage spray definitely has proven cleaning powers (and you might just get some energy cleaning benefits, as well).

Be sure to see more of our green cleaning recipes at the end of this article.

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What is Sage Spray?

If you search for “What is Sage Spray” you will get a lot of different results. The most popular topic is how to clean your home of negative energy using the properties of the herb sage.

glass spray bottle against purple cleaning cloth fresh sage leaves

The process of smudging your home has been around for centuries. It is a sacred art that uses smoldering sage leaves to clear negative energy from a room. The sage can be dried in bundles and then set on fire, allowing the smoke to go throughout a room or home to clean negative energy. (Buy a home smudge kit here.)

But smudging a home can be messy, smoky and not practical.

So sage smudge spray is a more modern day way of trying to get the cleaning powers of sage without setting the smoke alarm off or causing asthma problems.

sage leaves in glass spray bottle

Sage smudge spray uses fresh sage or sage essential oils in a carrier (such as water, witch hazel, etc.) to be spritzed through a room or home.

Best Times to Use Sage Smudge Spray To Get Rid of Negativity

If you are wondering when you would want to use a sage smudge spray purely for energy cleaning purposes, these are the best times:

  • Moving into a new home or apartment
  • Children are afraid of monsters in their room
  • Emotional loss from someone leaving (spouse, significant other, friend)
  • Negative people have been in your home (family, friends, hired professionals, etc.)
  • Something negative has happened in your home

sage leaves in glass bottle with vinegar

Powerful Benefits of Cleaning with DIY Sage Spray

I’m not about to proclaim that sage smudge spray definitely can remove negative emotions and energy. I just don’t know. But I also am wise enough to know that we don’t understand how everything works in nature. And often the ancient ways have a lot of wisdom in them.

What I do know is that I’d like every bit of help that I can to live a healthier and happier life. And if using a liquid sage spray to clean my home gives me some extra added benefits, then I’m all for that!

The recipe for our DIY Sage Spray combines the best of a sage smudge spray with all natural cleaning ingredients. 

woman holding glass spray bottle filled with sage leaves for DIY spray

woman holding purple cloth next to glass bottle of DIY sage spray

Which means that you can effectively clean your home every day. And if killing viruses and bacteria with vinegar can be combined with the negative energy cleaning power of natural sage, then why wouldn’t you try this homemade cleaner?

(Plus, it’s kind of beautiful to have on the countertop, too.)

die sage spray in glass bottle green cleaner

Energy Cleaning Ingredients

This DIY sage spray is made of all natural ingredients. Most of them are chosen for their reported energy cleaning powers. 

  • Sage/Sage Essential Oil This herb is known for its reputed powers of clearing negative energy. Both leaves from the herb and the essential oil come from the same plant. However, essential oil is more concentrated.
  • Palo Santo Essential Oil Palo Santo essential oil is created from a tree species native to Ecuador, Mexico and Peru. The tree is also known as “holy wood” and called “mystical” for it’s use to keep negative energy away by burning branches. 
  • Sea Salt Just like the salt air at the beach helps to improve your mood and seemingly wash away worries and negative energy, sea salt also has energy clearing properties, too.

Grime and Bacteria Cleaning Ingredients

  • Vinegar This pantry staple is one of the most effective natural cleaning ingredients that you can find. If you’re wondering what kind of vinegar to use for cleaning, read our extensive list. It will kill all kinds of nasty stuff, as well as cut through grime. It’s an inexpensive cleaning agent and food-safe, too.
  • Sea Salt Not just known for energy clearing properties, sea salt is also used in a variety of DIY green cleaning products, too. Again, this product is food-safe and something you’ll have in your kitchen cupboard.

DIY Sage Spray Cleaning Recipe

Here’s how to make sage cleansing spray. Consider it a one-two punch in getting rid of ALL nasty stuff in your home.

Want even more DIY green cleaning recipes? See more homemade recipes immediately below this recipe card.

DIY Sage Spray for Cleansing Home

DIY Sage Spray for Cleansing Home

Yield: 2 cups

DIY Sage Spray that can cleanse your home from viruses, bacteria, and negative energy. Easy DIY recipe for green cleaning.


  1. Add hot water (NOT boiling just hot) into bottle (make sure it's a glass bottle).
  2. Ruffle or break up the sage leaves, to release the oils, and then add them to the hot water in the bottle.
  3. Add white distilled vinegar and salt to the bottle.
  4. Set the bottle in a cool, dark place. Let the sage seep in the vinegar solution overnight (or at least 12 hours).
  5. If desired, add sage essential oil and/or Palo Santo essential oil (both known for energy clearing properties) to the solution after it has come to room temperature. (This can either be done before setting in a cool, dark place, or after the sage has steeped.)


Sage leaves will start turning brown after a day. This is natural and means the plant is breaking down into smaller pieces in the vinegar.

More Green Cleaning Recipes

If you love making homemade green cleaners to control the ingredients used in your home, check out our other DIY green cleaning recipes.


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Monday 19th of July 2021

Thanks for that awesome tip


Tuesday 29th of June 2021

Could I make this in a glass bottle but then use a plastic spray bottle to actually spray the solution?

Kimberly Button

Saturday 3rd of July 2021

Nicole, yes you could! The glass bottle is ideally used for not leaching plastics into the cleaning solution or having the vinegar start to eat away at a plastic bottle over time. So you can definitely use a plastic bottle when it's convenient for you.

Judit Castillo

Sunday 20th of June 2021

Hello 👋🏻 Would a plastic bottle leach the cleansing solution?

Kimberly Button

Saturday 3rd of July 2021

Judit, You never know with plastic and cleaning solutions. Generally, it's fine, especially if only keeping in a plastic bottle for a few days. But you never know, which is why I like using glass spray bottles when possible, but it's not necessary.

Doris M Woods

Tuesday 2nd of March 2021

Glass vinegar bottle will fit a sprayer perfectly.

Sherry Barnello

Saturday 20th of February 2021

Does it have to be a glass bottle? I'm having trouble finding one. Thanks

Kimberly Button

Monday 22nd of February 2021

It doesn't really have to be the glass bottle if you don't plan on storing it in a plastic bottle for weeks at a time.

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