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Best Gifts for Gardeners 2024

Gifts for gardeners are so much fun to give because once the wrapping paper is unwrapped, the joy continues for weeks or years. Every gardener starts immediately thinking about fresh beginnings and getting their garden blooming.

Whether you are shopping for an aspiring gardener or a successful home gardener, these are some unique finds that they will love.

woman wearing apron with plant in pockets gifts for gardeners

Gardening Gloves

Without fail, every gardener needs new gloves every year! They just simply wear out if you are doing any heavy work.

colorful gardening gloves

My personal favorites, and the ones that I use in my own garden, are these gloves from Digz. They have so many styles and different types of gardening gloves. I especially love that there are so many colorful, bright designs.

Gardeners Log Book

It’s easy to forget what plants you put in the ground. (Trust me, I know from experience!)

Or what fertilizer worked one year but not the next.

This gardeners log book is a beautiful and convenient way for a gardener to jot down notes about what works and what doesn’t work in the garden.

Birds and Blooms Magazine

We have been getting the Birds and Blooms magazine for more than 10 years. It is a great magazine full of stunning colorful photography and plenty of helpful articles about new plants, gardening hacks, and attracting wildlife to the garden.

Garden Gloves with Claws

They’ll laugh when they see these garden glove claws that look like they belong on a monster! But then they’ll realize how awesome they’re going to work!

Seriously, you need to check these out – and they’re really affordable. Every gardener has to dig in dirt. Make it easier with these gloves!

Garden Scooter

I am not the only gardener that feels pain from constantly getting up and down off the ground to tend plants. Kneeling on the ground can be really hard on the body. Give them the gift of ease in the garden with this rolling garden scooter that acts as both a seat and a tool tray.

Made of durable plastic, it’s easy to hose off when it gets dirty. And gardeners can easily move throughout the garden beds without needing to stand up and move a kneeling pad or stool.

Sun Hat

This oversized sun hat is both pretty and functional! I love the pretty floral scarf that is attached.

With a built-in neck flap, this hat will shield her from insects and the sun, preventing sunburn and bug bites.

The hat easily folds up to be stored.

Gardening Tools Set with Tote Bag

This garden tools set is a great value, with heavy duty stainless steel tools, gloves, a tote bag and a spray bottle. It comes in a variety of colors for both men and women.

Garden Book

There are so many garden books to choose from but this is my personal favorite! It is by far one of the best garden books I have ever owned. My mom got this for me as a Christmas gift one year and I’ve kept it ever since.

The Better Homes and Gardens New Garden Book is big and heavy and packed with information that every gardener needs. Plus, the tons of colorful photos makes a great reference book.

Garden Angel

My Mom and I collect Willow Tree angels, and I love this garden angel with a shovel. This statue is the perfect way to show a gardener that you love them!

Bamboo Plant Labels

It’s really hard to remember what is planted where in the garden!!! These easy-to-use plant markers makes it simple to remember what plants will pop up in Spring and Summer next year.

Long Sleeve Garden Gloves

Anyone who prunes roses knows the value of long sleeved garden gloves to protect from thorns. These thorn proof gardening gloves are great for anyone who works among thorns, bramble or overgrown brush and wants to protect their arms.

The embroidered flower detail makes these especially beautiful and a great gift.

Gardening Tools

It’s getting more difficult for me to haul bags of dirt and move things around. Which I thought would prevent me from doing my favorite hobby, but with the WORX Aerocart, I am able to do more in the garden without injuring myself.

It is a multipurpose garden tool that is a combination wheelbarrow, yard cart and dolly. It helps with so many gardening chores!

I can use it to bring leaf mulch to my garden beds. Or bags of potting soil. Or even lots of plant pots bought from the gardening center. 

WORX Aerocart gifts for gardeners

When I’m not using it, my husband uses it for hauling firewood. Or as a dolly for moving boxes and heavy items around the home. Adding the tub organizer helps us to keep tools and items separated while rolling across the yard and around the house.

What I love is that the wheelbarrow converts into a solid yard cart which lets me have an elevated working space. So I can pot plants outdoors without having to be on the ground or making a mess on the porch or patio table. 

See how we use the Word Aerocart in our YouTube video below:

Crazy Plant Lady Shirt

There’s no shame in being that crazy plant lady! Give them a t-shirt to wear to proclaim their gardening guru status all year long.

This style comes in a variety of colors, as well as sweatshirts.

Garden Spinners

For anyone that likes garden decorations, a garden spinner is a must! This outdoor art moves with the wind and glows with the solar-powered light.

Not only are the garden spinners decorative, but they could keep pests away from the crops with their motion.

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