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Surprising Benefits of Fresh Flowers at Home

Think about someone sending you a bouquet of flowers. Makes you smile just a little bit, huh?!? That’s one of the many benefits of fresh flowers at home!

pink flowers in blue pot against white wall

fresh cut white and pink roses in white kitchen sink

Now imagine that feel good joy and happiness throughout your day. That’s exactly what flowers can do for you and your family.

No need for drugs, meditation or a fistful of supplements each morning. Simply get yourself to a florist or order from one of the best online flower delivery websites (see list below).

And you don’t need to wait for someone to send you that big bouquet! Do it for yourself after you see the importance of flowers in our lives!

Benefits of Fresh Flowers at Home

Here’s the nitty gritty:  A Rutgers University study found that the link between flowers and your satisfaction with life is far more important than previously thought.

Having flowers in your home increased happiness, reduces depression and anxiety and actually can increase emotional contact with friends and family.

P.S. Our DIY magnesium topical spray recipe can also help to naturally reduce anxiety.

pink fresh flowers

A separate study by Harvard University found the same results of the importance of flowers in our lives – increased compassion, feeling less negative, and more energy at work.

In a trifecta of flower research, Texas A & M University found that flowers and plants in the workplace improve problem solving skills and increase creativity.

The research is so conclusive that the Society of American Florists has dedicated a page linking to all of the positive research of bringing fresh flowers into your home, as well as sharing real-life tips and tricks from lifestyle experts on the importance of flowers in our lives and how to foster a happier life.

fresh flower arrangement on table next to pink chair

peach flowers against white background

Flowers have been called Vitamin F, for all the good that they can do for your body and soul.

Kelli EllisThat’s why I wanted to talk with Kelli Ellis, a design psychologist; TV personality for HGTV, TLC and tons of other design shows; and author of Do I Look Skinny In This House?

Kelli is known for not only creating beautifully decorated interior spaces, but also transforming spaces to foster the happiest, calmest, most energized you that you can be. Simply from your home décor and design choices.

So I asked her about the importance of flowers in our lives and scored some Kelli Ellis decorating tips for our readers! 🙂

The Importance of Flowers in Our Lives

  • Kelli, how can natural products and elements from nature can help us to live a healthier life.  What benefits do flowers add to our lives?

We know the importance of giving flowers, but it’s just as important to buy them for yourself and treat yourself well, too. It’s the last design element. When I bring my clients fresh flowers at the end of an interior design, it always makes them smile for many reasons.

But think about it. Why do we always make our home look better for our guests than for ourselves? If we had company coming over, you’d clean and tidy up, stash the piles, and add fresh flowers to welcome them. Why don’t we treat ourselves that way in our own home where we live and work?

fresh flower arrangement on dining room table

white and pink fresh floral arrangement

Bills, magazines and clutter pile up and you quickly forget about the environment in your home. Adding that little touch of beauty through flowers makes you feel happy.

  • Are there certain colors of fresh flowers for the home we should add to improve our health and happiness?

Brighter colors that give us energy are those that focus on energy from the inside out. Yellows and oranges really pump those feelings up.

  • What kind of fresh flowers are best to bring inside the home to improve your mood and energy?

The type of flowers is completely subjective. It’s really fun to see people’s favorite flowers. They always mean something different to each person for different reasons.

For you, a type of flower could remind you of your boyfriend or another special memory, but it means something different for someone else. So I always say pick what makes you happy and brings good memories.

These are some of the best bedroom plants that not only will improve your mood and sleep, but will also clean indoor air.

Tips for Adding Fresh Flowers for the Home 

  • What are some ideas to incorporate flowers in the home so that we can improve our well-being?

Put flowers where you’re going to see them often. It depends on what rooms you spend the most time in.

white fresh flowers in vase on bedside table against white wall

white hydrangeas in glass vase on bedside table

For me, if I want to start my day off right, I have fresh flowers on my nightstand so that I see them as soon as I wake up. I put them in the bathroom and kitchen, too, since that’s where I spend most of my time.

pink flowers in vase in white bathroom

Think about the steps of your day and where you are the most. If you have a home office where you spend most of your day, it would make sense to put flowers or plants in there.

  • What are some unique ideas for adding flowers to your home?

Decorate the chandelier with simple fresh flowers over a kitchen table to add some unexpected beauty. Replace some knick knacks on your shelves with fresh flowers.

We get so complacement in our home that we forget what we’re looking at. Pretend like you’re have company coming and decorate that for yourself.

woman adding pink peonies flowers to glass vase

Bring your own container to your florist. My florist loves it and she doesn’t have to try to guess my decor. If I bring in a mid-century urn, she’ll create an arrangement that complements the style, so I don’t get anything that stands out or looks weird in my home.

purple and orange flowers with greenery in white pumpkin flower vase on table

P.S. Check out my unique DIY pumpkin flower vase idea to bring fresh flowers into your home. And for large potted plants, these DIY large flower pots are stylish and super inexpensive!

  • The color of flowers seems to be one of the reasons that they are so healing. What other advice do you have for decorating our homes?

Think, What does this room need to do? Do I need to relax, do I need to work and feel energetic…. just fill in the blank.

If you want to relax, bring in soft colors and neutrals, such as in a bedroom. If you want energy, bring in brights. Think of how you want to feel in a space. Then look at magazines and pictures and collect the images that you like.

Invariably, you’ll find a color scheme that you’re drawn to that will mimic the way you want to feel.

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fresh cut roses in farmhouse sink

Best Online Flower Delivery Website

Sending flowers to someone else to brighten their day is easier and often cheaper than you might think!

In fact, these online flower delivery websites make it so fun to send flowers that you can even order them for yourself! It’s an easy and convenient way to get fresh flowers for the home!

pink flowers

I have had horrible customer service issues with flower delivery sites, and some really great ones. If you’re looking to send flowers to a loved one, here are my personal recommendations.

The Bouqs

First, I’ve got to start with The Bouqs. This eco-friendly flower delivery website cuts out the middle man which cuts costs for you. Their prices  are reasonable. Of course you can upgrade to larger bouquets, for $10-20 more, so always be sure you know what pictures you are looking at on their website.

best online flower delivery

A double size bouquet from The Bouqs

Why do I love The Bouqs? Because their flowers look like fresh cut wildflowers for some bouquets. Others are more stylized, such as traditional roses. Some come with succulents, others are season-specific. Whatever bouquet you choose, it will be delivered fresh from the field – or in some cases, a volcano!

The farms that The Bouqs bouquets come from have sustainable, eco-friendly practices. Flowers are only cut when they are sold, minimizing the waste of the floral industry (which, according to The  Bouqs, wastes 1 of every 3 stems cut). The farmers are treated fairly, too, with living wages and access to healthcare and education.

The Bouqs floral bouquets come shipped in a box, with no vase included. (Some locally designed flower bouquets are available for same day delivery using artisan florists. See website for details.) Seriously, who needs those vases anyways? They always end up being donated to a thrift store. If you do need a florist vase, I highly recommend you visit a thrift store, then, where you’ll find plenty selling for just a buck or two.

I’ve sent two bouquets to my mother so far, and each one has lasted from 7-10 days.

woman holding white rose

One of the biggest and most well-known flower delivery services, has been a constant source of disappointment for me. That’s with me being on the receiving end of getting the flowers, all of which die in a matter of days from the same florist that always ends up servicing the order, no matter where in the city that I’ve moved to.

This last time, flowers delivered to me for my wedding anniversary came 2 days EARLY. Not on our anniversary, but two days before. That really ruined the surprise.

The correct delivery date was written on the enclosed card, and they still came early. Not only did they come on Saturday, not Monday, but they started dying the next day. All of them.

I called FTD who had very responsive customer service, but then I needed the order number and receipt from my husband, which is awkward, for sure. It took several days as they contacted the local florist, who possibly was to come to pick up the dead flowers. So I kept a vase of dead flowers for a week, the florist never contacted me, and FTD quickly refunded my money.

The website does have a selection of green plants, succulents and cactus, as well, which is a great alternative when you don’t know the types of flowers that someone likes.

If you are ordering from, be sure to log in to Ebates first for cash back! A recent offer was up to 12% cash back. If you’re a new customer, you’ll get an EXTRA $10 CASH BACK with a qualifying purchase!

pink peonies


The absolute worst flower bouquet delivery service that I’ve encountered in my personal experience. I will never ever order from this company again.

I ordered flowers to be delivered on Friday before Mother’s Day at her work. The flowers did not come until 4:45 p.m. on Friday afternoon. By that time, she had left work. Knowing that she was not at work for the next two days, the florist left them anyway. They sat in the office for two days, including Mother’s Day.

I contacted Teleflora, upset that the florist left flowers at a location where the recipient clearly was not expected to return for days, as well as the ridiculously late delivery time. I mean, come on, almost 5 p.m. on the weekend???

They responded by telling me I could have paid an additional $10 or $15 ( I can’t remember which) to have had morning delivery. That was on top of delivery charges already, which were added onto the displayed price for the bouquet.

So that cheap price on their website didn’t amount to much after the nickel and diming of Teleflora to do their job with dignity and respect for the intended recipient. I hate nickel and diming. It is SO tacky. And I don’t do tacky.

Needless to say, we received no reimbursement of any money after three contacts with customer service. And I will never order another thing from Teleflora again.

I have been on the receiving end of flower deliveries in a box, and have not been disappointed. I don’t know the cost behind the delivery, or what the customer service was like.

best online flower delivery Gerber Daisy Bouqet

They do have a Environmentally Friendly collection, which essentially is a bunch of greenery or houseplants, with a few Fair Trade rose bouquets available. When I think of floral bouquet delivery, these aren’t exactly the options that I’m wanting to choose from, but there are a few choices for those who want more eco-friendly flowers.

Farmgirl Flowers

I’ve never used Farmgirl Flowers, but their eco-friendly commitments are impressive. They have a lot to choose from, similar to a standard online floral delivery website. I love their design aesthetic and burlap wrapped floral bouquets.

Amazon Floral Delivery

I didn’t even know that Amazon delivers flowers until I happened to search on the website. It was such a great surprise to find out that they actually send out inexpensive floral bouquets!

I was able to get a floral delivery sent the next day for a dozen roses and 10 alstroemeria stems for less than $34 at the time. This is awesome! No shipping fees and easy ordering!

Don’t want to order flowers online, but still looking for eco-friendly bouquets? EarthSmart flowers are often available in supermarkets and other places where you can buy directly.

Add Flowers to Your Home for Happiness



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