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DIY Beetroot Lip Balm (3 Non-Toxic Ingredients)

Our DIY beetroot lip balm is moisturizing with a light pink color. This all natural, non-toxic lip color has no synthetic colors, no chemicals and no dyes.

Made with just three natural ingredients, this is an easy DIY that you can make in 10 minutes.

Beetroot Lip Balm tubes in palm of persons hand against light blue cloth background

Our pink beetroot lip balm recipe does not use Vaseline or petroleum jelly.

This DIY project uses organic beetroot powder, which is dried, ground up beets. You can use the same powder to make our DIY Beetroot Blush and DIY Beetroot Bronzer.

Any beet root powder you don’t use for making cosmetics can be used in smoothies or recipes.

Beetroot Lip Balm in clear tube on light blue colored table top

How to Make Beetroot Lip Balm

Hands on time: 10 minutes

Yield: About 12 grams of lip balm or 2-3 standard sized tubes. 


Beetroot Lip Balm Materials


  • 2 or 3 Lip Balm Tubes or Pots (empty and clean) 
  • Small Bowls (Heat Safe)
  • Small Scoop Spatula or Spoon
  • Paper coffee filter, cheesecloth, muslin or nut milk bag (optional)


Step 1

Sift the beetroot powder through a coffee filter, nut milk bag or muslin cloth.

Discard the small chunks of beetroot that are leftover. 

Beetroot Lip Balm Step 1

Step 2

Using a heat safe dish with a spout that is easy to pour from, melt the shea butter and beeswax together.

You can do this with a double boiler or with the microwave. If using the microwave, heat in 20 second intervals, being sure not to overheat and burn the oils. 

Beetroot Lip Balm Step 2

Step 3

Using the spatula or a spoon, mix the beetroot powder into the melted beeswax and shea butter until smooth. 

Beetroot Lip Balm Step 2

Step 4

Carefully but quickly pour the melted lip balm into your tubes or containers.

Beetroot Lip Balm Step 4

Step 5

Let the containers stay exactly where they are for at least 10 minutes while the balm starts to harden. Do not move them while hardening.

The time it takes to harden will depend on the temperature in the room.

After about 10 minutes the lip balm will hopefully have started to harden.

For a more rapid hardening of the lip balm, you can put a few ice cubes around the tube to help cool it down. You can also set it in the fridge for about 10 minutes and it will harden right away. 

Beetroot Lip Balm Step 5


  • The texture for this pink lip balm recipe is thick and smooth and the color is very subtle
  • My recipes uses more beeswax than shea butter to be extra nourishing and protect my lips during the winter.
  • You could use equal parts shea butter and beeswax for a slightly softer finish that melts a bit more on your lips vs coating your lips with a protective barrier.
  • This natural pink lip color is perfect for kid’s makeup!

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