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DIY Beetroot Bronzer

Make an all natural DIY Beetroot Bronzer with just three ingredients in 10 minutes. This non-toxic bronzer can be customized to the perfect color for your skin tone.

Beetroot Bronzer

This DIY bronzer is made with the same ingredients that our DIY Beetroot Blush has. You can easily make two batches, with one to use as a blush and the second batch modified to be a bronzer.

With the organic beetroot powder you can then make DIY beetroot lip balm. Any remaining powder can be used for more homemade cosmetics or use it in recipes or smoothies.

How to Make Beetroot Bronzer



Step 1

Sift the beetroot with a coffee filter, muslin or nut milk bag to remove any large pieces.

You can use a mesh cloth or nut milk bag to make the sifting easier.

Discard those pieces or save for another project.

From one tablespoon of beetroot powder I got approximately two teaspoons of finely sifted powder to use.

Beetroot Blush Step 1

Step 2

Mix the beetroot powder and arrowroot powder together until evenly combined and smooth. 

Beetroot Blush Step 3

Then add in about ½ teaspoon of the bronze mica powder and mix together.

Test the color and adjust to your liking.

You can add more beetroot powder to have more of a pink tone, or add more mica powder to be more tan. If you want a lighter color, add more arrowroot powder.

Beetroot Blush Step 4

Step 3

Once you are happy with the color, transfer to a container.


  • Store in an airtight container in a cool dark location for about 3 to 6 months. 
  • With coloring from beets rather than carmine (ground beetles), this bronzer is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

What is Beetroot Powder?

Beetroot powder is a vibrant red powder derived from dried and ground beetroots, which are a type of root vegetable. It is a natural ingredient that is commonly used as a coloring agent in various cosmetic products, as well as an ingredient in smoothies and cooking recipes.

Unlike synthetic dyes found in conventional cosmetics, beetroot powder offers a natural alternative for adding color. Its rich pigmentation provides a beautiful and earthy tone to cosmetics such as blushes, lipsticks, and even eyeshadows.

Additionally, beetroot powder is packed with antioxidants and essential nutrients, which can be beneficial for the skin.

What is Mica Powder?

Mica powder is a naturally occurring mineral dust often used in cosmetic products for its shimmering properties and versatility in creating a variety of hues. Unlike synthetic additives, mica is non-toxic, making it a safe choice for those who prefer natural makeup options.

It adds a subtle sparkle and a touch of radiance and can be found in various shades, allowing you to customize your beauty products to match your desired look without the concern of harsh chemicals.

What is Arrowroot Powder?

Arrowroot powder, also known as arrowroot starch or arrowroot flour, is a fine white powder that is derived from the rhizomes of arrowroot plants. These plants are native to tropical regions such as South America, Southeast Asia, and the Caribbean.

Arrowroot powder is a popular ingredient in natural cosmetics for many reasons:

  • Acts as a natural thickening agent, allowing for a smooth and creamy texture in cosmetic formulations.
  • Absorbent properties, making it useful in products such as powders and deodorants to absorb excess moisture and oil from the skin.
  • Gentle and non-irritating, making it suitable for sensitive skin types.

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