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Sustainable Fashion Brands to Buy on Amazon

Sustainable fashion brands can be difficult to find – and especially at a price you can afford. That is why I’m thrilled to find so many eco-friendly and sustainable fashion brands on Amazon!

Cute sustainable fashion brands that you can buy on Amazon! Trendy and beautiful clothes that are eco-friendly. Ethical fashion has never looked so good, or been easier to find!

Ethical and sustainable fashion hasn’t always been known for being trendy (it’s one of my 5 pet peeves about sustainable fashion). Yet these eco-friendly brands found on Amazon seem to get everything right – modern style, affordable (mostly) prices, and ease in ordering and shipping.

Don’t get me wrong – my entire wardrobe is not ethically sourced. Far from it. As I learn more about the problems with fast fashion, though, the more I am drawn to trying to buy great pieces from sustainable fashion brands. I have a few pieces here and there, and I’m finding that the new clothes I’m buying now tend to be from ethically minded companies because the prices are coming down and the style is VASTLY improving.

If you think that the money you are spending on fashion shouldn’t be supporting unethical practices (like child labor, sweat shops, and the third most polluting industry in the world), then sustainable fashion is for you.

Spend your money wisely on things that matter and will last more than two washings. Supporting sustainable fashion brands like these are a win-win for fashionistas and the workers that make their clothes.

Shopping Online.
Photo / Turquoise and Palm

Amazon is one of the easiest places to shop and when you have Amazon Prime you can often get your order for FREE in 2 days! That’s right, you don’t even have to pay for shipping! That’s a score right there and a nice way to save money on sustainable clothing. So it’s time to start browsing……

Sustainable Fashion Brands on Amazon


You can’t talk about sustainable fashion without talking about prAna fashion! I’m glad that the eco-friendly clothing line is available on Amazon!

prana sustainable fashion Sutra Shirt Kara Jean EcoFriendly

I’ve tried quite a few pieces from prAna. I am always wowed by the quality and style of prAna fashion! These sustainable clothes aren’t going to fall apart anytime soon. Wear them, love them, keep them in your closet for years if you’d like.

There are so many different clothing styles from prAna, from dresses to t-shirts to active wear, that you’ll definitely find something that you need!

Among my favorite items that I have ever received from prAna are the Caraway tights. I live in these tights all the time! They are so comfortable!

I’ve got two pairs of Kara Jeans. They are lightweight and soft, with great stitching and design. My white pair of Kara jeans are made of 75% organic cotton, the slim-fit, tapered jeans are polished enough to wear out to dinner, yet stretchy and comfy enough to wear while out doing errands, hiking, or running after the kiddos in a stylish way.

prana sustainable fashion Sutra Shirt Kara Jean EcoFriendly

The riveted, five pocket jeans do come in a variety of colors and patterns. Keep in mind that they are meant to roll up for most people. Especially if you are short like me (5′ 3″). I rolled my Kara Jeans up three times on the leg, since there is only one leg length offered.

My Sutra Shirt in Light Red Violet color remains one of my favorite pieces of prAna fashion. It is still in my closet and being worn several years after originally receiving it. The top is made of 53% hemp, and I love the texture and feel of the fabric. In fact, I really enjoy all of the prAna hemp clothing.

(FYI – It air dries fast, too. I managed to get toothpaste on myself just before taking these photos, so after wiping down the shirt with a wet towel, it instantly dried in time for me to take photos!)

prana sustainable fashion Sutra Shirt Kara Jean EcoFriendly

The buttoned down shirt can be dressed up or dressed down, something that I love on all of my travels, where I take one piece of clothing and wear it in several ways.

Many sustainable fashion pieces from prAna are available to try on Amazon Prime Wardrobe. Which means you can order prAna clothing, and try it at home for 7 days with free shipping and free returns (if you are an Amazon Prime member). 

Among the Amazon Prime Wardrobe prAna selections are these convertible pants and this cute skirt. There’s plenty more sustainable fashion clothes, too, so see what’s available.

Synergy Organic Clothing

One of my favorite sustainable fashion brands EVER, I have owned quite a few pieces from Synergy Organic Clothing. The quality is great, the clothes last, and their casual style can be dressed up or down.

Their dresses are the perfect outfit for a brunch with girlfriends or an afternoon shopping. Of course, Synergy’s style works for more active wear, too.

I say order a size up unless you like really form-fitting clothes.


Sustainable fashion that's affordable and chic. That's what you'll find with the new PACT | Organic apparel clothing line.

Another sustainable fashion brand that I know and love, PACT offers affordable basics. I mean, these prices are crazy good for organic clothing!

Organic cotton, non-toxic dyes and no child labor make this a sustainable brand that should be in your closet.

I absolutely love this dress and have been wearing it over and over again! The underwear is super soft and comfortable too.


Tentree is a sustainable clothing brand using organic cotton and eco-friendly materials for both women and men. As their name suggests, they plant ten trees for every item purchased.

woman looking across lake wearingtentree opal zip hoodie sustainable fashion

There are some sustainable clothing companies that I instantly love the first time that I see them and tentree clothing has to be one of those companies for me.

Coming off of a year of traveling the country and visiting National Parks, I love their design aesthetic that celebrates the forests and natural wonders that can be found in our most wild lands.

Yet, their fashion design transcends equally well from hiking the great outdoors to walking downtown to get a coffee.

When I think of sustainable fashion, tentree is what I like: a modern, clean and fun design aesthetic using eco-freindnly materials and a passion to protect and preserve the Earth.

The eco friendly materials and fibers that tentree uses include:

  • Coconut Buttons Instead of plastic, these buttons made from coconut shells are stylish and sustainable.
  • Hemp Grown without pesticides or herbicides, this eco friendly plant creates fibers that are naturally anti-microbial and UV resistant.
  • Cork Trims Instead of leather, highly sustainable cork is used for patches, zipper pulls and more. Cork comes from the bark of a cork tree. By taking off the bark, it actually promotes the tree to grow.
  • Organic Cotton Certified organic cotton that doesn’t use harsh pesticides. Cotton is one of the most heavy pesticide using crops in the world, unless it is grown organically.
  • Recycled Polyester A fiber that reuses old plastic bottles and other plastic waste to give new life to what would otherwise end up in the waste stream.
  • TENCEL™ Lyocell A fiber made from eucalyptus trees, which are fast growing, and require no insecticides. The manufacturing process uses 100% renewable energy and 80% less water than conventional fibers.
  • Modal A fiber made from spinning cellulose from beechwood trees. The wonderful thing is that beechwood forests self-rejuvenate.
  • Linen This bio-based fiber is made from the flax plant and blended with organic cotton.


Known for organic yoga and athletic lifestyle clothing, you’ll find fun, funky patterns with this brand. Their organic cotton is paired with non-toxic plant dyes to create some of the most colorful eco-fashion that I’ve seen.

If you love athleisure wear, then you’ll love SATVA!

Threads 4 Thought

A Certified B Corporation (it’s really hard to get this certification!), this Fair Trade Certified brand started with just graphic tees, but now has clothing for your entire lifestyle.

Both women’s and men’s clothing are made with organic cotton, recycled polyester, Modal fibers made from beech tree pulp, and low impact reactive dyes.

I love the easy, breezy style of Threads 4 Thought. Lots of hoodies and comfy clothes – and I want their dresses!

Cute sustainable fashion brands that you can buy on Amazon! Trendy and beautiful clothes that are eco-friendly. Ethical fashion has never looked so good, or been easier to find!

Indigenous Designs

Organic cotton, natural fibers and low-impact dyes are crafted by artisans into wearable works of art at Indigenous Designs.

Their PURE Collection uses absolutely no dyes in clothing at all.

I love their designer styles that are ideal for both work and casual wear. Lots of ponchos and cardigans, too, for easy layering styles.

Blue Canoe

This woman-owned San Franciso based company makes everything in the USA.

Blue Canoe’s comfy and casual clothing for women ranges from basics, including underwear and bras, to dresses, leggings and tops. Organic cotton and organic bamboo are the fibers used with non-toxic dyes.

Boody Organic Bamboo Eco Wear

Organic bamboo is used for the entire fashion line of Boody, which includes clothes and accessories for women, men and children. It’s basically essentials – such as underwear, layering tops, bras, leggings and socks.

Boody clothes are naturally anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-static, and regulates your body temperature like a champ! Ever tried bamboo fibers? You’ll be surprised at how silky soft they feel!

I love that their products are made with natural dyes and by workers getting paid fair wages.


Though not completely organic, Aventura uses sustainable or lower-impact materials in about 75% of their products. I love that they have tons of skirts and shorts, something that is lacking in many sustainable fashion brands.


I’ve tried two pairs of these American-made casual shoes, and they are great! (See my in-depth review on Okabashi shoes.)

okabashi shoes
okabashi shoes

Based in Georgia, this footwear company sells Women’s and Men’s shoes. Cute sandals, flip flops and garden clogs are among their modern and stylish shoe choices.

Their shoes use recycled plastics and – get this – all of their shoes can be recycled. That’s right. When you’ve grown out – or worn out – your shoes, you can send them back to Okabashi and they will completely recycle the shoe.


Mostly socks, but they are fun and stylish!


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Thursday 14th of January 2021

Thank you! I struggle finding quality and responsible brands on Amazon, this was a HUGE help :)

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Thursday 14th of January 2021

Thanks, Hannah!