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DIY Vanilla Perfume Oil

If you prefer all-natural fragrances rather than artificial fragrances, why not try making your own DIY vanilla perfume oil with natural ingredients?

Combining the powerful natural aromas of vanilla bean, essential oils, and nourishing carrier oils like avocado oil and vitamin E, this simple recipe allows you to create a personalized scent that is free from synthetic additives.

A bottle of DIY Vanilla Perfume with a vanilla bean sitting on a white table.

Not only will you avoid chemicals often found in commercial perfumes, you can customize this perfume oil with your favorite scents.

How to Make DIY Perfume Oil

The perfume oil recipe will make a little more than one ounce. You may be able to make two bottles of perfume oil if you put a little bit less in each bottle.


DIY Vanilla Perfume supplies on a white marble table top.


Step 1

Put the vanilla bean into your spray bottle and set aside. 

Step 2

Mix the Vitamin E oil with the avocado oil.

Two bowls of essential oils on a marble counter ingredients for making DIY Vanilla Perfume.

Step 3

Add in your essential oils to the avocado oil mixture. 

Two bottles of essential oils and a bowl of oil on a marble counter to make DIY Vanilla Perfume.

Step 4

Mix the witch hazel in with the oils. 

Step 5

Pour the mixture into your spray bottle or add to a roller bottle.

A bottle of essential oil and a glass of water on a marble counter to make DIY Vanilla Perfume.

Helpful Tips

  • This homemade perfume oil is meant to be used on your skin. Do not spray the oil into the air as an air freshener.
  • Shake the oil before using to combine all of the scents.
  • If you would like to use other essential oils, feel free to mix and match.
  • We added a vanilla bean for an extra dose of natural vanilla fragrance. However, the perfume oil will smell great without the vanilla bean, so you can omit it if you want.
  • Any carrier oil can be used. It does not have to be avocado oil. The Vitamin E oil, though, is great to use because it is good for the skin.
  • The longer that this oil stays in the bottle with the vanilla bean, the stronger the scent will be. Consider making this blend and allowing it to infuse for a few weeks before using.

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