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Moon Water Recipe (and How to Use It)

The next time that you see a full moon in the sky, why not harness the ethereal powers the celestial body is reported to have?

Brewing moon water under the light of a full moon is thought to gather the cosmic energy in the liquid which can then be consumed or used around your home.

A glass of moon water with flowers and leaves.

What is Moon Water?

Moon water is a mystical and charming infusion that is created by steeping water under the light of the moon, often during specific lunar phases such as a full moon or new moon.

Infused with the intention of capturing lunar energy, it usually incorporates a variety of natural elements like herbs, flowers, and spices to enhance its essence and flavor.

Moon water is said to harness the cosmic powers of the lunar cycle, and many people believe it aids in spiritual reflection, meditation, and setting personal intentions.

It is a popular concept within natural healing and spiritual communities, embodying a connection between the celestial and the earthly, and is often sipped or used in ritual practices to align with the moon’s energies.

This ethereal concoction transcends the boundaries of ordinary refreshments, blending the essence of lunar radiance with the magic of foraged ingredients.

A glass jar with fragrant flowers and cinnamon sticks to be used as Moon Water.

How to Make Moon Water

While moon water can be made under any phase of the moon, a full moon is thought to have stronger powers. A word of caution, though. Do not brew moon water during a lunar eclipse. That is not energy that you want to harness.

Choose A Glass Container

You will need a glass container to make this ethereal water. Moonlight must be able to penetrate the container and shine on the liquid inside.

A large glass jar with a lid, like an oversized apothecary jar, is an ideal container.

For smaller amounts a mason jar or other recycled jar will work fine.

While you do not need a lid on top of the container, it does help to keep insects and debris from falling into the water overnight.

Fresh mint and cinnamon sticks in a glass jar to make Moon Water.

Fill With the Right Type of Water

Not all water is considered equal. Ideally you want water that is as fresh and pure as possible. Fresh rainwater is the best choice for making moon water. Or you could use water from a mountain stream or spring.

However, tap water is fine to use, as well. Just filter it to get rid of as many impurities as possible.

If you will be consuming the moon water as a beverage, only use water that is safe to drink.

Add Ingredients

If you would like, you can add fresh plants and flowers or foraged materials to your water.

We used cinnamon sticks, fresh mint, elderflower and jasmine flowers for a herbaceous floral drink.

A group of flowers and leaves on a white background for a Moon Water recipe.

Make Affirmations

Speak affirmations, positive intentions, dreams, or desires over the jar of water. You can also say a prayer.

Place in Moonlight

Place the jar on a windowsill, on the patio or somewhere outdoors where it will be bathed in the light of the moon all night long.

Leave Overnight

Allow the water to steep in the light of the moon overnight.

A glass jar filled with water and flowers to make Moon Water.

How to Use Moon Water

There are many ways to use moon water, such as:


Consuming moon water is among the most popular ways to use the elixir. Just be sure to use safe drinking water before placing under the moon.

Adding natural elements such as edible spices, herbs and flowers is a great way to infuse their properties and create a delicious beverage.

Clean Your Home

Moon water can be used in DIY cleaning recipes to help clear out negative energy, just like our DIY sage spray is thought to remove negative energy.

Add to Tea

Use the water when making hot tea or iced tea as a substitution for tap water.

Water Plants

Give your houseplants a dose of cosmic energy when you water your plants with the steeped water.

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Full Moon Bath

Bathe in the energy of the moon when you add the elixir to your bath.

Recharge and Cleanse Crystals

The cosmic energy harnessed in the moon water is perfect for recharging and cleansing crystals. If you are using crystals in your home, be sure to recharge them.

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A glass jar filled with mesmerizing green liquid and adorned with enchanting flowers.

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