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Five Ways to Kill Dust Mites

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Dust mites are microscopic creatures that live in nearly everyone’s home – in dust and, often, in bedding. Dust mites feed off of microscopic bits of sloughed off human skin – most often found in bedding – as well as on pet dander. Sounds gross, right? Which is why you want to kill dust mites when you can.

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Dust mites can cause health problems, such as indoor allergies, skin problems and even asthma.

Did you know that dust mites aren’t the only problem in dust, though? All of the nasty dust you see is actually an accumulation of bits of toxins, chemicals, dead skin and allergens that accumulate in your air and settle down on a surface.

It is possible to know what kind of toxins and allergens are in your dust by testing at home. We used a Home Air Check Surface Dust test kit to understand what was in the dust in our home and whether or not it had any toxins. Here’s how easy it is to use the at-home test:

While they sound (and look) gross, they can be controlled. You just got to know how to kill them and keep them dead. Here’s five ways how:

How to Kill Dust Mites Today

1. Wash your bedding in HOT water at least once a week. Hot water kills dust mites, so skip the cool water wash to conserve energy. OR kill dust mites in freezing weather.

2. Keep the humidity level in your house below 60%, the lower the better.  Low humidity creates an environment in which dust mites can’t live. Keep humidity levels low with one of the best dehumidifiers.

3. Wash stuffed toys – both children’s and pets – in hot water and dry out properly. Dust mites thrive in fabric where moisture is present, such as doggie drool and toys that are put in children’s mouths.

4. Dust often. Dust mites thrive in dust – hence the name. In fact, dust is one of the eight surprising places that dust mites can hide. Dust often and get rid of their home.

When dusting, use our homemade dusting spray  to keep dust from flying around as you clean.

5. Vacuum frequently. Dust mites also live in the fabric fibers of carpeting, so if you have carpeting, vacuum at least once a week to get rid of them.


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