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Briiv Air Filters: Beautiful, Sustainable and Natural Design

There is no doubt that having clean air to breathe is one of the biggest things you can do to improve the wellness of your home. However, most air filters are large, loud and definitely not a pretty item to add to your decor. Until now.

Briiv is a new concept of sustainable air filter that is as beautiful as it is eco-friendly. Made with 90% natural and renewable materials, the components can easily be biodegraded or recycled. The unique design resembles a terrarium and is a work of art in any room where you want to filter toxins out of the air.

The Briiv air filter resembles a terrarium, with powerful air filtering benefits.

Beautiful Design with Extraordinary Benefits

I admit, I’ve been hesitant to add air filters to some of my rooms simply because I didn’t want to have to look at the ugly piece of machinery taking up floor space. With Briiv, you can add an air filter anywhere in your home or office and have it add to your design, rather than detract from it.

This simple, sleek and natural design brings an element of nature into your home without the hassles that come with most house plants.

Sustainability is a key feature of Briiv, including the packaging material for the air filter.

Yet, Briiv works just as well as 3,043 medium-sized house plants!

In a study by Nature, a standard house plant was found to have a CADR (clean air delivery rate) of 0.023 m3/h. Compare that with Briiv’s CADR rate, and it is equivalent to over three thousand plants in the same area.

So unless you are living inside an urban jungle, you will receive more benefits and require much less maintenance by using one Briiv air filter at the CADR rate.

Briiv adds natural elements to your home regardless of light levels and environmental conditions. Plus, you don’t need a green thumb or have to worry about keeping plants alive! The sustainable air filter will work in any lighting condition in you home or office, whether it is full sun light or a dark space, such as a bedroom or bathroom. This can often be a challenge when trying to grow houseplants in your home.

The Studies

Pretty design doesn’t mean much if it doesn’t actually work, right? After seeing the smoke study tests and looking at the studies, I am happy to add a Briiv into my home for general air filtering.

Briiv will remove the following impurities from the air in your living or working space:

  • PM0.3 (Fine Particulates)
  • VOCs (Potentially Harmful Gasses)
  • PM10 (Pollen, Allergens)
  • PM5.0 (Bacteria, Mold Spores)
Graphic Courtesy of Briiv

Each of the three unique layers of a Briiv are designed to remove a specific particle.

  • The moss captures large particles, such as pollen and allergens.
  • Slightly smaller particles, such as mold and bacteria, are captured in the coconut.
  • VOCs will be absorbed by the activated carbon.
  • The matrix filter captures the smallest particles.

According to test results, Briiv will improve the air quality in a 387 square foot living space in one hour. That is a delivery of 53 cubic feet per minute of purified clean air.  

There was a 78-80% improvement in air quality in one pass with Briiv, using low load and high load conditions with continual flow tests under EN 1822-4 conditions.  

How Briiv Works

Natural materials that are known to absorb toxins, pollen, molds and bacteria are used in the open glass chamber that sits on top of the base mechanism. Air is pulled through the three layers, where particulates are captured. Then the fresh air is redistributed into your home.

Noise Level

There are 4 levels of air flow using Briiv. The lowest level, #1, is whisper quiet. As you increase the levels to #4, the noise does increase, along with the rate of air filtering.

Watch my video to hear each setting:

Touch-Free Design

There is no need to touch the filter to change the power levels. A touch-free design allows the user to hold their finger in front of a level and the filter will automatically change.

The unit’s display panel is also powered on by waving your hand in front of the base of the unit. The display will show briefly before turning off, leaving an aesthetically-pleasing solid black base.

I found the touch-less design to work very well. There was never a moment where I waved my hand in front of the unit and it didn’t turn on. Or when I tried to increase power levels and it didn’t work. I am very happy with the touch-less design, more so than I thought I would be.

Touchless controls disappear after a few seconds, leaving a solid and clean appearance.

Briiv does have an app which also allows you to control the unit remotely.

The air filter is Alexa and Google compatible and Wi-Fi enabled.

A one hour timed option is available to set the filter to operate and automatically turn off.

Sustainable Design

All materials used for Briiv are thought of as a circular design process, with respect to how the materials will be disposed of at the end of the product’s life cycle. Materials that simply can be recycled were not sustainable enough for the designers, as they knew that even recyclable materials, such as plastics, can only be reused so many times.

Natural and Renewable Materials

A majority of the materials, about 90% of the components, are made with natural and renewable materials. Among the plant-based and natural materials are:

  • Bio-plastic Derived from Elephant Grass. Not only is elephant grass grown in places where other agricultural crops can’t be, so that it doesn’t compete with space for those necessary crops, but it also captures carbon. This alternative to oil-based plastics will fully biodegrade.
  • Hemp Fiber
  • Cork
  • Dried Moss
  • Coconut Fibers
  • Activated Charcoal
  • Raw Silk

I was impressed with the packing material used, as well. Everything was biodegradable, from the paper to the stabilizing inserts. The paper-based container can easily be biodegraded.

The bag that the moss comes in can be reused for a variety of things, from packing small items while traveling to storing odds and ends at home.

Moss comes in a reusable bag.

Unique Nanofiber Filter

The filter used in Briiv is unique in many ways. Not only is is biodegradable, unlike most other air filters, but it is also made with more efficient nanofibers.

Briiv’s unique nanofilter

The combination silk matrix is a new type of filter designed for Briiv. It combines activated charcoal with nanofibers made from natural proteins. The raw silk is sourced from moth cocoons that are sustainable and humanely harvested. The biodegradable nanofibers are actually more efficient than HEPA filters that use micro fibers, as they were originally developed for the medical industry to remove the finest air-born particles.

Recyclable Materials

Made without adhesives, Briiv is easily recyclable and biodegradable.

The glass used is non-hardened reusable glass.

While there is a small instructional booklet to give you the basics of setting up your Briiv, the majority of the instructions and details are found online. This reduces the need to print paper instruction manuals that might not be used or needed and would otherwise be thrown away.

The only non-recyclable or natural materials used in Briiv air filters are the electronic components, which account for 10% of the materials. However, when more eco-friendly options become available, those will be utilized.

Low Impact Living

Unlike many air filters, Briiv has a low-power design. The filter is powered by USB, and can be operated in an outlet, or via a laptop or portable power station (such as a Jackery) for off-grid living.

The 5V power draw saves a lot of money in operating expenses, too. The average estimated electricity cost, according to Briiv, would be approximately $3 for the entire year.

Photo Courtesy of Briiv, because my bedroom isn’t this stylish to photograph.. yet! LOL

Briiv Sustainable Air Filters Review

While using air filters is so important in your home and workspace, the environmental impact of changing filters up to twice a year is taking its toll. In 2019, 15 million air filters were purchased. With an average replacement rate of changing the filter medium, that’s over 6,000 tons of plastic waste every six months.

Briiv filters do need to be replaced, as well. However, the filter medium is easily biodegradable and returns back to the Earth, rather than piling up in a landfill.

I am very happy adding a Briiv to my home to improve the air quality. I didn’t realize how much I was going to love the design of this sustainable air filter. The simple, streamlined terrarium-like look has become a welcome addition to our home and I actually like looking at it! Along with the improved air that we are breathing every day.


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