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41 Best Gifts for Germaphobes and Clean Freaks (Practical and Funny)

Know someone who is mildly obsessive about killing germs and keeping things clean? Whether you are looking for a comical gift or something practical, these are the best gifts for germaphobes and clean freaks.

dark glass spray bottle on white towel against marble background

So if you’re wondering what do you buy a clean freak, we have got a great list! The gift ideas are listed in the following order:

  • Practical Gifts for a Germaphobe
  • Cleaning Products
  • Germaphobe Door Opener
  • Funny Gifts for a Germaphobe

What Do You Get a Germaphobe? (Practical Gifts)

These are the gifts that clean freaks and germaphobes will use and appreciate! They are practical items that really do clean and sanitize your home, or help you keep well while traveling.

Cleaning Products

Gifting someone cleaning supplies usually isn’t exciting. But with these unique finds, they’ll actually love what you get them!

A great gift for clean freaks is a Branch Basics starter kit. If your friend or family member loves to clean and would be thrilled with non-toxic cleaners, THIS is the gift you want to give!

branch basics non toxic cleaning kit
Branch Basics cleaning kit bottles

One concentrate will help them keep the entire house clean. PLUS, the starter kit comes with all the bottles that you need, packaged in a reusable bag.

Know someone trying to embrace zero-waste living? Then they’ll love ECOSNEXT, a new type of laundry detergent that comes in sheets that are added to a load of clothes. No plastic bottles.

Dishwashing detergent suddenly becomes cool when you give this ECOS Dishmate Mother and Child set – a hand pump soap dispenser that snaps into a larger refillable container for easy storage and gifting.

Best Germaphobe Door Openers

Some of the germiest places anywhere are door handles, elevator buttons and ATM buttons. This category of germaphobe gifts deserves it’s own curated collection, because there are so many different styles to choose from. The door openers that can be personalized make great gifts!

Funny Gifts for Germaphobes

Maybe you are not looking for something practical to kill germs. Perhaps you are wanting to give a funny gift that celebrates their clean freak tendencies because you always joke about it with each other. Here’s some brilliant gifts for clean freaks that they will love to celebrate their germaphobe actions.

Funny Germaphobe Gifts


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