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Naturally Nestled Review: Latex Mattress Toppers

If you are looking for an inexpensive, non-toxic latex mattress topper, you can stop looking right now! Naturally Nestled natural and organic mattress toppers are among the most affordable that I’ve found.

I am a big believer in switching to the most natural bedding as possible. After all, you spend one-third of your life in bed while resting and rejuvenating.

However, the price points of many great non-toxic bedding options just aren’t affordable for the average person. Which can be frustrating. Until now.

Naturally Nestled is a non-toxic latex mattress topper and latex pillow company that makes affordable products for a great night’s sleep.

Naturally Nestled vs. Sleep on Latex

I have long recommended Sleep on Latex as a great choice for natural sleep products at an affordable price. And I still do like their products.

However, when comparing Sleep on Latex to Naturally Nestled, with nearly the same product, there are noticeable differences.

First, Naturally Nestled has a considerable cost savings, as seen in the table below. Even if you were to get a Sleep on Latex topper without a cover included (a $65 charge with them), it is slightly more expensive than Naturally Nestled.

When comparing both types of mattress toppers, they are similar. However, Naturally Nestled does have an organic latex option available. And they do come with a basic topper included in the price.

Naturally Nestled Latex Mattress Topper Review

I have tried many latex mattress toppers over the years. I’ve had a variety of beds in a variety of places, which has given me the ability to try many brands of products and put them to a long-term test.

Most recently, I wanted to create a DIY custom RV mattress using three mattress toppers. I needed to make my own mattress because of size and space issues in the RV, and I couldn’t get a traditional mattress.

But I needed to buy three mattress toppers. Which can definitely get expensive. So I was on the lookout for non-toxic bedding options but also at a very reasonable price.

When I found Naturally Nestled, I was kind of shocked that I hadn’t heard of the company before. But after doing research on their products and certifications (including valuable certifications from Global Organic Textile Standard {GOTS}; USDA Organic; and Global Organic Latex Standard {GOLS}), I knew this was the economical answer that I was waiting for.

I added a Naturally Nestled King size, 2 inch mattress topper in Soft firmness to my existing latex mattress.

I have to say, I really am pleased with the toppers. At first, when I unrolled it, it looked very thin. I also laid it on top of my mattress and the edges were about 2 inches from the edge of my mattress. I was a little worried.

But by that night, the topper had fluffed up and expanded. It covered my bed from edge to edge. So if you think that yours is too small, just give it some time to expand (up to 3 days).

There was absolutely no smell that I noticed from the topper.

While I chose the soft firmness, I think I’d prefer the Medium. I do need support with my hips and pressure points with fibromyalgia, and the soft is just a little too squishy for me.

The DIY mattress we did in the RV was one layer each of all three firmness levels. I started with soft on top of that mattress, too, and found that it caused me backaches. When I switched the Medium to the top layer with the soft layer in between, that worked much better and I didn’t have the backache.

You can see me unrolling the mattress topper in my YouTube video:

Naturally Nestled Mattress Topper Details

Naturally Nestled offers two types of mattress toppers made from Dunlop latex:

  • Natural Latex Topper
  • Organic Latex Topper

Both of the mattress toppers can be ordered in either a 2 inch or 3 inch thickness.

There are three types of firmness levels. I have one of each and have tried them all. They include:

  • Soft
  • Medium (my favorite)
  • Firm

The Natural Latex Topper features:

  • 100% natural latex
  • 100% cotton cover

The Organic Latex Topper features:

  • Certified organic 100% natural latex
  • Certified organic cotton zippered cover

All of Naturally Nestled’s products

  • Zero VOCs
  • Zero Flame Retardants
  • Zero Pesticides
  • No Synthetic Latex or Fillers
  • 100% Vegan
  • Naturally Antimicrobial
  • 5 Year Warranty

The toppers come in sizes for all standard bed types, as well as Twin XL and California King.

Mattress Topper Cover Included

Most mattress toppers from other companies are priced without a cover included. While this might sound like a great way to save money, it will only increase your frustration every time you make your bed.

When comparing topper prices you must compare apples to apples. Make sure it’s the same type of latex, the same size and thickness, and both have a cover included.

Latex is naturally grippy. When you cover it with a sheet, it’s going to “stick” to the latex and not smooth out easily. This can cause a lot of problems when trying to cover your bed with sheets. You will get annoyed and frustrated.

Here’s some of the best organic cotton sheets to add to your non-toxic bed!

Adding a sheet directly on top of a latex topper without a cover also lets the holes of the mattress topper show through thin or white sheets. If you don’t like the look of a polka dot topper peeking out through your crisp white sheets, then you’ll want to add a cover in between.

The included cotton zippered cover is nice to have on your mattress topper. However, it is thin and definitely not the most luxurious cover that you could get. It’s a bit see-through, as well.

Shipping and Returns

One of the best reasons to try a Naturally Nestled mattress topper is free shipping AND free returns!

Free shipping is common with bedding purchases. However, free returns of a bedding product, such as a mattress topper, are actually quite rare. Most companies consider mattress toppers an “accessory,” something which can be used on any bed or in any room. Therefore, they don’t really offer return policies for them.

Naturally Nestled allows you to return your mattress topper for free within 30 days if you are not satisfied. It’s a stress-free way of trying out their toppers and pillows.

I feel that Naturally Nestled toppers are just a bit softer and less supportive than my Sleep on Latex toppers. If you want more of a cloud-like pillow topper, then Naturally Nestled might be the best choice for you.


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Mary Barr

Friday 3rd of March 2023

I love my 2" firm natural latex topper from NN! While the zippered cover is handy when you have to move the topper, it is not really necessary. For a latex topper from another company, I just put old flat sheets beneath and on top as a faux cover. In many ways, this is easier than using the fitted cover.

Janna O

Wednesday 25th of January 2023

Thanks for your review, Kimberly! We've ordered a topper and I'll do my best to get back to this post to share what I hope is our delight at your recommendation. :)

Kimberly Button

Tuesday 31st of January 2023

Great! Please do leave a review of what you think!

Maria Clarke

Tuesday 12th of October 2021

do your sheets fit after you put a topper on ?

Kimberly Button

Friday 22nd of October 2021

Maria, it all depends on how deep your sheets are and then how deep your mattress/topper combination is.


Thursday 16th of September 2021

Do they cover the shipping charges on returns?

Kimberly Button

Tuesday 21st of September 2021

Yes, it's a prepaid shipping label from the company.