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How to Make an Air Plant Holder (Easy DIY!)

If you want to add a plant to your home or office that needs very little care, then an air plant is perfect for you. These plants that thrive with air and occasional misting don’t need pots of soil to grow. Which means you can have fun with displaying them.

You can make an air plant holder very easily. All you need to do is bend inexpensive craft wire into a pretty holder. I’ll show you the easy steps to making your own decorative plant display.

Helpful Tips

  • Wire comes in different gauges. The 16 gauge wire that I chose is sturdy and bends easily. It is usually used in home and garden projects, or in electronics. You could experiment with a heavier or lighter-weight gauge wire if you already have it at home.
  • The gauge goes up in size as the wire gets thinner. So, an 18 gauge wire would be thinner than a 10 gauge wire.
  • I’ve sourced different types of 16 gauge wire. If you choose 16 gauge wire for jewelry making, it is more expensive than 16 gauge wire for electronics.
  • The wires come in different colors, too. This copper wire would be beautiful as an air plant holder, as well. Or, choose a combo variety pack with several bold colors of wire to use.

Where to Buy Air Plants

  • Air plants can often be found growing in trees outdoors, depending on where you live. You can buy them in garden centers, such as Lowe’s. Or buy air plants online, with varieties that you might not find locally.
  • There are a lot of different types of air plants with vibrant colors and even flowers. They are not all just green! Check out this selection of air plants on Amazon to see tropical varieties you might not know exist.
  • Etsy has a surprisingly great selection of air plants, too.

How to Take Care of Air Plants

  • Air plants need bright, indirect light. Or fluorescent office lighting. A few hours of direct light is okay, especially if it’s morning light. Don’t put air plants in the shade.
  • Water plants about once a week. Rinse them under running water, or let them soak in a bowl of water for about 20-30 minutes.

How to Make an Air Plant Holder


  • 16 gauge galvanized steel wire (You’ll get 200 feet for less than $10 – that’s a lot of gifts you can make! Or use the wire around your home or garden.)
  • Rolling pin
  • Wire cutters


Step 1

Wrap the wire around the handle of the rolling pin and the up the roller side of the rolling pin.wr

Step 2

Use the wire cutters to cut the end of the wire, then carefully remove the wire from the rolling pin.

Step 3

Press the wire coils together to flatten and shape the wire form until it stands up straight. Then place the air plant on top of the wire coil holder.

Want more plant DIYs? This Glow in the Dark Mushroom Terrarium is easy to make and doesn’t require much maintenance, either.

Here’s how to turn an inexpensive trash can into a large plant pot!

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