Stainless Steel Straws: Modern, Fun & A Conversation Starter!

Stainless Steel Straws Eco At Heart

Have you ever heard of stainless steel straws? I know I hadn’t! Yes, I’ve seen glass straws but never used them. So when Eco At Heart asked if I wanted to try out their stainless steel straws, I was intrigued! Turns out, I wasn’t the only one. My husband randomly posted a picture of the […]

Free National Park System Access on Humana Senior Skip Day

Humana National Park

Are you 62 years or older? Then it’s time for you to skip out on your daily routine and enjoy a FREE day in a National Park. The National Park Foundation and Humana have partnered together to create Humana Senior Skip Day on October 8. Seniors can enjoy more than 400 National Parks for free […]

How to Improve Your Health With Probiotics & An Ultimate Flora Review

Probiotics for Travel Ultimate Flora

I’ve seen the health benefits of probiotics, no doubt. After years of taking them on and off (okay, mostly off because I forget….) I know that every time that I start up a probiotic routine, I’ll experience positive results – like less fatigue, no more bloating, and less constipation. So when Ultimate Flora offered to […]

Hydration Stations In Orlando Allow For Reusable Water Bottle Filling

Photo Courtesy of The City of Orlando

Want to refill your water bottle, but trying to do it from a water fountain is too hard? The City of Orlando agrees. That’s why they’re installing 30 “hydration stations” alongside water fountains to more easily refill water bottles and save on plastic usage. The partnership between the City of Orlando and OUC (Orlando Utilities Commission) […]

Awesome Sale on Synergy Organic Clothing – Half Off!

Synergy Sale Aquamarine Jacket

I prefer to wear sustainable fashion – organic cotton, natural fibers and low-impact dyes. My pocketbook, however, does not share my passion. Almost ALWAYS organic clothing is way more expensive than I’m willing to pay. Or the styles are so hippie-earthy-chick that I would never wear them out in public. (Here’s 5 things I wish […]

FREE Sustainable Fashion from Schoola

Schoola Free Sale

Want clothes for free? You can get women’s and kids clothes for FREE when you hurry and take advantage of this sale from Schoola. What’s Schoola? Schoola is a great concept where you can buy gently used clothes at up to 70% off retail, and 40% of the proceeds are used for children’s school programs. Schoola is […]

Taste Test Review: Organic Black Bean Pasta

Organic Black Bean Spaghetti

Spaghetti made from black beans – with absolutely no wheat. Gross or intriguing? I’ve made the switch from traditional carb-loaded wheat-based spaghetti nearly a decade ago. Pasta made with flour and wheat just doesn’t agree with me. I started with Tinkyada brown rice pastas, which have great texture and I like the taste. However, me and […]

“Eating Out” with No Taste Like Home


Many of us do our best to eat green and make healthy decisions, but few of us actually go out and forage for food in the great outdoors. Wild Food Adventure’s, No Taste Like Home is showing people just how easy and beneficial foraging can be! Foraging is the latest culinary obsession; searching the great outdoors for your own edible plants, […]

Merino Kids Sleepwear Made with 100% Wool: Our Real-Life Review

Merino Kids Banbury Top

Worried about the chemicals that might be on your child’s pajamas as they sleep all night? Conventional PJs usually have synthetic and chemical fire retardants in the fibers that are on your child’s skin. Yuck! Avoid the potentially toxic exposure and dress your child in Merino Kids sleepwear for more natural sleep. Merino Kids is […]

Taste Test Review: Happy Family Organic Fruit Squeeze Pouches

Happy Family Happy Squeeze Fruit Pouches

I know, I know. Squeezable fruit and veggie pouches are supposed to be for kids. But for the past five years – ever since they first came on the market – I’ve been using these handy organic squeezable pouches as snacks for myself. Why? They’re convenient and I don’t have to throw away rotten produce […]