World Vision Brings Clean Water to Children Around the World

World Water Day

This month, World Water Day was celebrated on March 22. Water is the foundation of every single facet of our existence, though, so I don’t think one day is enough to bring attention to the water crisis worldwide and why it’s so vitally important to start saving it! World Vision International celebrates the United Nations’ [...]

The Paddling Center at Shingle Creek in Kissimmee, Florida

Kayaking down Shingle Creek Kissimmee Florida

In Kissimmee, Florida, there is a rare oasis of calm and peace just minutes away from the Disney theme parks, which bring in more than 50 million people a year to the area. It’s these pockets of calm that are necessary to soothe the nerves, whether you’re planning on visiting theme parks or not. The [...]

GiveMe Tap: A Unique Water Bottle That Also Brings Clean Water to Africa


There’s a new eco-friendly way of hydrating coming to the United States thanks to GiveMe Tap. Currently, their American roots are in San Francisco; however their goal is to reach people across the country with each sip, one water bottle at a time! Edwin Broni-Mensah started GiveMe Tap in the UK with the hope of decreasing plastic bottle [...]

Taste Test: Mamma Chia Chia Squeeze Pack

Mamma Chia Chia Squeeze

In this week’s Taste Test, I’m is trying out the Mamma Chia Chia Squeeze. I found this product at Target, which I love because it’s easy and convenient to buy (only if it’s good, though!). Mamma Chia is a company that sells a variety of products with chia seeds, which are packed with Omega 3s, [...]

Dsenyo Snare Wire Jewelry: Ethical Fashion That Supports Conservation

Snare Wire Jewelry Dsenyo

What an awesome line of jewelry this is for anyone who loves animals, wants to support Fair Trade or believes in ethical fashion (or all three)! Dsenyo has a jewelry collection crafted with snare wire, the wires used to poach animals in the African bush. By collecting these wires, and then crafting something beautiful out [...]

Kim Is Featured In Woman’s World Magazine!

Kim Button in Womans World Magazine

I started after being disabled for years by mysterious illnesses that doctor’s couldn’t figure out. Part of my health problems were that I could no longer walk up stairs, much less walk long distances, at all. So, I’m thrilled to have made a recovery, and am featured in Woman’s World magazine this week because [...]

Free Butterfly Garden Seeds and Win a Trip to Disney

NWF Butterfly Contest

The National Wildlife Federation has a great new initiative that grants you a free way to start a butterfly garden, and perhaps win a trip to Disney! Through the Be a Butterfly Hero program, individuals, schools or communities can sign up online to take a pledge to protect the Monarch Butterfly. In return for signing [...]

How To Clean Mold in A Car

Ever Bamboo

You never think about mold being able to grow in a car, until you have a mold problem. You know, that tell-tale mildew smell, or you see black spots actually growing on the dashboard. Whether it’s from a bottle of water that leaked in your car or something more serious such as flood damage, cleaning [...]

Chef Melissa Kelly’s Rosemary Almonds Recipe

Melissa kelly's rosemary almonds

I recently raved about the true Farm to Table menu at Primo Orlando, created by James Beard Award-winning Chef Melissa Kelly. Not to be outdone, even the bar snacks at Primo are amazing! I received a bag of these almonds created by the chefs at Primo Orlando. I was warned by Chef de Cuisine Mariano [...]

Trevi’s Breakfast Buffet at the Omni Orlando Resort at Championsgate

Florida Grits Bar Trevis Buffet Orlando

I love when I’m pleasantly surprised. And after a visit to Trevi’s Italian Restaurant in Kissimmee, Florida, I’m just a little bit giddy at finding a unique treasure that I never knew existed in Orlando. I wandered into this restaurant one morning expecting a lackluster breakfast. What I found was a local-grown, allergy-friendly, treasure trove [...]