Frosch Green Cleaners – Made in Germany So You Know It’s Good!

Frosch USA Green Cleaners

“Made in Germany! You Know the Germans Always Make Good Stuff!” That was a tagline on a commercial several years ago. It was humorous and always made me laugh, because there’s a lot of truth to the humor. So when I was asked to try Frosch green cleaners, which have been named Germany’s Most Trusted […]

Harvest Organic Clothing – Basic, Organic, American Made Shirts

Harvest Organic Clothing T-shirt

Just want a simple t-shirt with great quality, no advertising and made from sustainable, organic materials? Then check out Harvest Organic Clothing. Custom sewn from 100% organic, Non-GMO cotton grown right in the United States of America, Harvest Organic Clothing was created by a small group of farmers and gardeners in California. Their mission? To […]

The Best Organic Saltine Crackers – A Taste Test

Best Organic Crackers

There’s just something comforting about a hot bowl of soup and a crisp saltine cracker. We avoided crackers for a while because we didn’t know of any great tasting organic varieties available. Then I ordered every brand that I could find on (my go-to place for inexpensive organic foods), and I decided to put […]

5 Sustainable Designers That You’re Sure to Love

6 Designers in2green

Ever wish that there were more eco-friendly fashion options that weren’t so…well…eco-friendly looking? The search is now over, because we’ve rounded up some sustainably chic designers that are seriously cool and make quality products that are easy on the environment. From luxury blankets made from plastic bottles to a men’s workout clothing line that recycles […]

Wellements Baby Products: A Mother’s Review


There is nothing more frustrating than when your child is sick and you just want to make it better! I was thankful to be introduced to Wellements Baby, a company focused on providing natural treatments for when our children aren’t feeling so good. Wellements Baby products include Gripe Water, Baby Move, Tiny Voices, and Teeth Relief. I was lucky […]

Orange Juice Alkalizes Your Body – And That’s a VERY Good Thing!

Orange Slices Abstract

Orange juice is acidic. Toothpaste commercials might have you believe that’s a bad thing (with their worrisome fears of acid erosion to sell high end toothpastes), but in the grand scheme of things,  you really WANT the acidity that can only be found in citrus juices. When citrus, such as oranges, lemons, limes and tangerines, enter your body […]

Do Your Kids Have Boogers? Then You Need Boogie Wipes!

Boogie Wipes

As cold and allergy season approaches, noses of toddlers and children will become red and raw across the country as they use harsh facial tissues or paper towels to manage the snot. Yeah, let’s just put it out there. Kids are snotty and they have boogers. (Keep reading to see how to win a year’s […]