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Zero Waste Kit for Disney

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If you are heading to Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland, you can expect to be eating out a LOT. Which is why a zero waste kit for Disney is a fantastic idea.

zero waste kit at disney epcot theme park Bamboo utensils reusable water bottle

Trying to Go Zero Waste in Disney Theme Parks

Living by Disney World in Orlando, Florida for more than a decade, I am used to going to the theme parks quite a lot. As a local, I don’t find myself eating in Disney’s theme parks as often as visitors who spend all day there from morning to dark.

And when I have decided to eat at the quick service restaurants, I have been pretty shocked at the amount of waste created by the tens of thousands of people in the theme parks every single day. Think to-go plates and containers, paper napkins, plastic utensils, to-go cups with plastic lids, etc.

Bringing your own food to Disney is just one of the healthy theme park travel tips that I suggest. 

If you are looking to be eco-friendly, too, then you will want to reduce your waste as much as you can. While it is challenging to live a zero-waste lifestyle while in the theme parks, a zero waste kit goes a long way to reducing your impact on the Earth.

Sometimes you have to get a plastic bottle, though. Especially if it’s a matter of suffering from heat exhaustion from high temperatures and humidity. Here’s a fun tutorial on upcycling plastic bottles into Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse flower pots.

Here’s another 11 Ways to Live a Zero Waste Lifestyle.

zero waste kit eating essentials bamboo utensils reusable water bottle

Zero Waste Kit for Disney

Here are my perfect picks for creating the ultimate sustainable zero waste kit for Disney.

Investing in a few of these pieces will pay off over years of use. And, you can use them wherever you travel, it doesn’t have to be just Disney. Even better, use them at home anytime you eat out or bring your food.

zero waste kit for disney bamboo utensils stainless steel bowl reusable water bottle

Reusable Utensils

Plastic utensils are among some of the biggest wastes when eating at quick service locations at Disney. I often just sit back and look at how many forks, spoons and knives are wasted as people grab handfuls of them. Or they drop them on the ground or leave them behind after they have touched them.

Bringing your own utensils can really cut back on waste. What is great is that Bambu’s bamboo utensil set comes in a cork lined carrying case so you don’t have to worry about keeping them clean while enjoying theme park rides.

A spork from Bambu is also a smart idea, too. It takes up much less space and can easily fit in a pocket or backpack.

Reusable Straw

If you do buy a drink while at Disney, chances are you might need a straw. Plastic straws have been removed at Disney, being replaced with paper versions.

bamboo straw with cleaning brush

If you hate the feel of a paper straw or the idea of the waste, then bring your own. This bamboo reusable straw from Bambu is just perfect (and makes a statement, too)!

Stainless Steel Leak-Proof Bowls

Whatever food you pack to bring into the theme parks, make sure the container is a leak-proof container. That way, you don’t have to worry about what type of food you bring.

ECOlunchbox stainless steel bowl in Epcot at Disney World

This ECOLunchBox stainless steel bowl is one of my favorites. Be sure to check out my list of all of my favorite stainless steel lunch containers and stainless steel snack containers.

Reusable Napkin

There are so many ways that a zero-waste napkin comes in handy at Disney! Not only do you save handfuls of paper napkins, but you can use these cloth napkins in other ways.

Consider using your clean napkin to store food, whether you bring in a sandwich or you wrap up a half-eaten muffin from breakfast.

And the cloth napkins can be used in other unconventional ways. They make great table covers or use them to sit on while watching the parade from a curb or park bench.

We love this organic cotton kitchen towel which is thick and sturdy. It’s bigger than a traditional napkin, but works great like a large napkin and is definitely more multi-purpose than smaller fabric pieces.

Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

I just think it is completely crazy to go to Disney without some type of reusable water bottle. After all, the cost of a water bottle at Walt Disney World currently costs about $3.50. And in the Florida heat, you will NEED a ton of water.

So bringing an insulated reusable water bottle not only helps keeps your budget down, but also ensures ice cold water all day long.  (I tested this Klean Kanteen in 100 degree heat in Disney’s theme parks and was surprised that the ice lasted all day!)That’s something that you can’t guarantee with purchased bottles of water, which quickly get warm in the sunshine. And it is not a good idea to have harsh sun beating on plastic that contains water because toxins can leach out into your drinking water.

PLUS, you can get FREE ice water at any Disney quick service restaurant. So you can keep filling up your water bottle with ice cold water. (There are some water bottle refilling stations, too.)

The water bottle shown in the picture is a FiftyFifty insulated stainless steel water bottle that I bought in store at Target. It has a wider mouth than many water bottles, so it is easier to add ice cubes.

Klean Kanteen water bottle in front of disney animal kingdom sign

However, I have lots of other favorite insulated stainless steel water bottles. Here is my list of my favorite wide mouth water bottles

A stainless steel insulated water bottle isn’t for everyone, though. Here are a variety of reusable bottles, including collapsible water bottles which are great for travel, which are the best water bottles for Disney.

More Disney Tips

Living by Disney World for 12 years means that you go to the theme parks A LOT! Plus, I’m a former cast member who has worked in the Disney World theme parks and onboard the Disney Cruise Line.

Here’s some more great tips for enjoying your Disney vacation:


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