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Ultimate Home Detox Resources

Here is a resource list of the products suggested in the Ultimate Home Detox Guide.

Ultimate Home Detox Resource List

These are the items that I use and suggest for wellness in your home.

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality Test Kits:

Air Purifiers:

Water Quality

Water Filters and Water Purification Systems:

Distillation Water:
Reverse Osmosis:
Whole House Water Filters:

Shower Filter:


Mold Tests:
Prevent water leaks which cause mold:

Lead Tests

If you’re worried about lead exposure on your skin while testing or doing work, these disposable towels whisk off lead and heavy metals from your skin.

Radon Test Kits

How to easily test for radon in your home.


Removing VOCs

Removing Odors

The best charcoal air purifiers that I recommend are these from Moso Natural:

Essential Oils

Natural Air Fresheners


Dust Mites

How to Properly Clean Dust:




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