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6 Unique Kitchen Gadgets for Gifts: Unusual, Weird and Useful

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These unique kitchen gadgets found on Amazon are useful and weird at the same time!  We found the best must have kitchen gadgets that would be perfect as gifts. Or buy them for yourself! 

lemons on cutting board on marble countertop with kitchen gadgets in jar in background

So invest in one or two (or all!) of these unusual kitchen gadgets that easily prep fruits, veggies and home cooked foods to save you time in the kitchen.

This is our favorite unique kitchen gadget!

We own two of these, and when friends or family see how easy ours is to use, they always buy one for themselves!

Oven Rack Push / Puller

6 kitchen gadgets to save you time and make cooking easier. You might not have heard of these kitchen tools, but you'll wonder how you cooked without them! Click to see these time-saving gadgets.

Who else has been gingerly pulling out oven racks with their hands in a pot holder? Seems kind of silly when you think about it – hoping a cloth pot holder or silicone glove protects you from the 350 degree heated piece of metal.

Get one of these gorgeous oven rack push and pull gadgets (pretty enough to hang from a hook on your refrigerator when not in use) and you won’t have to wish and hope every time that you bake.

Or get a silicone version of the toaster rack puller.

Leaf Stripping Tool

Love eating kale but hating tearing the leaves off the stem? Then you need this unusual leaf stripping tool – perfect for kale, chard or herbs. The weird kitchen gadget also does double duty as an herb chopper.

Herb Scissors

6 kitchen gadgets to save you time and make cooking easier. You might not have heard of these kitchen tools, but you'll wonder how you cooked without them! Click to see these time-saving gadgets.

Forget about slicing herbs with a knife and cutting board. Just start cutting the herbs, instead! You can work more quickly, too, with the multi scissor action of these herb scissors.

Apple Corer

Make quick work of slicing up whole apples for ready-made snacks with this apple corer. Perfect for kids snacks, portion controlled snack packs for you – or making that delicious apple pie recipe.

Citrus Press

You won’t believe how much easier it is to juice a lemon or lime with this handheld citrus press. Not only is it easier, but it also gives you about 20% more juice!

limes on wooden cutting board on kitchen counter

These are great for juicing lemons or limes into water, to make lemonade, for cocktails or to add citrus juice to recipes.

Watermelon Slicer

Who knew that a watermelon slicer was such a thing? But now that I’m thinking about it, it does make sense for those summer time meals.

Not only will it slice, but it also cubes the watermelon or creates scoops. Whichever you prefer.

watermelon wedges in pink drinks against white background

OR, you can get this melon slicer which cuts the entire fruit! We’re not sure if you need this unless you plan on slicing a lot of watermelons for a picnic or large gathering. But it would work!

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cut limes on wooden board on kitchen countertop

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And these minimalist kitchen essentials should be in everyone’s kitchen!


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David Guion

Wednesday 5th of October 2016

I have loved my oven rack puller for years. Your apple corer looks better than mine. It also slices. These are all neat gadgets.

Kimberly Button

Wednesday 5th of October 2016

Thanks so much! We've had an apple corer for years! Glad to hear you like your oven rack puller!