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How to Get Crazy Good Savings at Whole Foods Thanks to Amazon

With the Amazon and Whole Foods merger, everyone who just wants to be able to AFFORD HEALTHY FOOD is anxiously hoping that prices will drop. Let me tell you, the first signs are that Amazon WILL be able to bring Whole Foods prices even lower (Time will tell if Whole Foods stores can still compete with on-line healthy food marketplaces such as Thrive Market and Vitacost, though. This cost comparison between all the stores is pretty interesting.). So here’s how to get crazy savings at Whole Foods right now thanks to the Amazon takeover.

Image: Ibotta

How to Save Money at Whole Foods Thanks to Amazon

Price Drops

Prices have been lowered already at Whole Foods stores across the nation. Some of the price reductions are a few dollars. Others are less than a dollar, such as a 20 cent reduction. Either way, prices are coming down. That’s a good thing.

Here’s an in-store comparison to prices before and after Amazon lowered prices.

That’s not to say that the prices are definitely going to be lower than Costco (check out my massive organic haul), Aldi (I bought a crazy amount of stuff for just $25) or even Walmart and Kroger. So keep price checking.

Ibotta Deals

I’ve long promoted the amazing deals you can get instantly via the free Ibotta app. It’s still true! Especially for Whole Foods.

Ibotta lets you scan your receipt to get instant rebates back to your account. (Rebates can range from as little as .25 cents to $10 or more.) Then you can cash out the money with Paypal or gift cards, such as Whole Foods, Walmart or Target. You’re getting money back for things you’re already buying! Or, plan your shopping list around offers that give you amazing savings!

New users get a $10 cash bonus! (See how to get an EXTRA $20 below)

The deals on Ibotta can be combined on top of sales and coupons offered by Amazon and Whole Foods, which means that you can stack savings.

PLUS, you might also be able to get the same rebates through other great rebate apps, too, such as Checkout 51 and Berry Cart. So in some cases, you get double the rebates!

Image: Ibotta

Amazon Prime Deals

Amazon Prime members will now get even more savings at Whole Foods stores. According to a USA Today report, Amazon Prime will now be the customer reward program at Whole Foods.

Try Amazon Prime for FREE for 30 days! Here’s how.

Details are still evolving, but for now, it looks like Amazon Prime members will receive:

  • Special savings
  • In-store benefits
  • Whole Foods products are available on Amazon
  • Whole Foods’ private label brands will be available through Prime Pantry and Prime Now. These Whole Foods brands include 365 Everyday Value, Whole Foods Market, Whole Paws and Whole Catch.

Did you know? Students can get Prime Student for free for 6 months!

(Prime Now gets you 2-hour delivery in select cities. Perfect for when you need to get food for dinner, but don’t feel like going to the grocery store.)

Amazon owns Whole Foods now, which means great savings at the grocery store for you! (Get a $30 bonus!) See how you can get natural and healthy foods for less using the benefits of Amazon. Save money both in the store and online.

Prime Deals with Ibotta

Okay, so if you don’t have Amazon Prime yet, then sign up through Ibotta!!!!! Seriously, this is crazy good money right now!

Ibotta has a deal where you can sign up for Amazon Prime through the app, and you’ll get a $20 Amazon gift card.

That’s on top of the $10 bonus if you’re a new user! So you can get $30 in savings + the rebates on what you’re buying at Whole Foods, anyways.

Once you have Ibotta, you can get even more savings on Amazon, too, such as the current offer of 5% cash back on Amazon Fashion, 5% cash back on Amazon Devices, and more.

What do you think of the prices? Think the price drops are big enough at Whole Foods?



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