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Ever Put Quinoa in an Omelette? Here’s Why You Should!

Omelette with Quinoa Lundberg Family FarmsThink of an omelette. You probably add ingredients such as cheese, vegetables or meats in an omelette for either breakfast, lunch or dinner. But have you ever thought of adding quinoa?

Quinoa is a wonderful ingredient to add to an omelette. It’s full of protein, fiber and lots of minerals and nutrients, plus it adds a bit of texture and crunch to a boring omelette.

It’s a brilliant addition to an omelette. Not only are you visually spicing things up with tri-color quinoa, but you’re packing even more nutrition into an omelette. Win-Win situation!

However, I can’t take credit for thinking of adding quinoa to an omelette. I was inspired by the recipes on Lundberg Family Farms’ recipe page, and when I saw the Quinoa Omelet recipe, I knew I had to give it a try.

Quinoa OmeletUsing some of Lundberg Family Farms’ Organic Tri-Color Quinoa that they sent me – which is grown in America and Non-GMO, BTW – I loosely followed their recipe. I cooked up an omelet with tri-color quinoa and some cheddar cheese, then plated it with sautéed organic kale and topped with some organic salsa.

Got to say I was happily surprised at how yummy the omelette tasted. With the added crunch from the quinoa, it definitely wasn’t a boring omelette.

This is a great way to use leftover quinoa from dinner, by the way!

I cook up big batches of quinoa to have in my refrigerator for whenever I need a quick side dish, want to make a lunch salad with some tuna or chicken and mayo, or – now – add to an omelette.


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Wednesday 9th of December 2015

This looks absolutely delicious! I would've never thought to put the two of those together.

Kimberly Button

Thursday 10th of December 2015

I know! Yet, it's super good! :)

Sea World Mommy

Wednesday 9th of December 2015

OK, I'm a quinoa newbie. I enjoying eating out, but have been chicken to tackle it at home. Dumb question of the day: Does the quinoa have to bee cooked before adding it to an omelet? I see you've said you make a big batch and use leftovers, so I'm assuming yes. But can it ever "not" be pre-cooked? (I'm guessing no, but for us quinoa newbies... it's worth asking, LOL!) And if you pre-cook always, should you slightly under-cook it when it's going to be heated further in an application like this? Will it get "over" done?

Kimberly Button

Wednesday 9th of December 2015

Great question!!!!!! I would definitely cook quinoa first. It's just like rice. It's hard unless it's absorbed liquid. So if you're putting it in something with liquid where it can simmer for a while, that would be great. But quickly frying an omelette - no. You want it to be cooked. I think it added a crunchy texture. It kind of reminded me of a crispy rice chocolate bar, where you get a little bit of crunch and texture, but it's not overpowering to the main ingredient, if that makes sense? I wouldn't undercook it. Again, it's just like rice, so do whatever you'd do for rice. Oh, and one more thing. The directions always say to rinse until water runs clear. I never rinse. I take straight out of the package. Whether I'm a bad quinoa maker or not, at least I save some steps in preparing it......... Hope you enjoy!