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Best Christmas Houseplant Gifts

When you want to give a gift that will last long after the presents have been opened, consider these Christmas houseplant gifts.

Christmas Cactus against white background

The Christmas Houseplant Gifts They’ll Love

There’s something special about gifting Christmas houseplants. 

It’s like you are bringing joy and nature into someone’s home. It’s like bringing a flower bouquet to make someone smile. Only houseplants last way longer than a flower bouquet. 

Bringing a plain houseplant might seem a little boring, unless you know the person just adores plants.

But when you dress it up with holiday decorations, a Christmas houseplant suddenly becomes a joyful present that is immediately put on display in their home.

Everyone will ask them about their miniature Christmas tree. It’s a gift that is not only a conversation piece, but also a thoughtful gift that might improve their well being.

Not ready to gift a houseplant? Check out the Best Gifts for Gardeners for other ideas.

mini rosemary christmas tree in silver pot with brown wrapped gifts on white table

Houseplants for Wellness

As a wellness expert, I talk A LOT about how plants are one of the best things that you can add to your home.

Flowers can make you happy, according to scientific studies. And here’s how houseplants purify the air inside a house. 

Plus, there are some houseplants that are better at getting rid of chemicals, pollen, dust and mold from the air. I make sure to have these plants in my home. Especially these best plants for the bedroom

The good news is that a lot of these plants that improve air quality are also super easy to grow. Most of the plants in this list of Best Christmas houseplant gifts are actually superstars at purifying indoor air, too!

So you really are giving a healthy gift!

If you are personally interested in learning more about the best plants for your home, sign up for my free course: Best Houseplants to Detox Your Home.

Christmas Houseplant Gifts

Some of my favorite ways to give a Christmas gift that will keep on giving. While these houseplants look Christmasy for giving as a present, they can easily be an every day houseplant long after the holidays are over. Any plant parent will love getting a thoughtful gift such as a houseplant to brighten their home and purify their indoor air.

Plus, houseplants and greenery are known to help brighten moods and decrease depression and anxiety. So gifting one of these houseplants is a way of truly showing love towards friends and family.

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