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Affordable Organic Sheets from Magnolia Organics

I haven’t bought sheets in a while. Not only can they be expensive, but I’m more concerned with what goes into the bedding-making process that I will be sleeping on each and every night.

Think about it – you sleep on your bedding for eight to nine hours a night. You inhale what’s is coming off of the bedding at extremely close range, especially you side- and stomach- sleepers. Your skin is in direct contact with the sheets for hours on end. These are the things that don’t exactly have me roaming the bedding aisle on a frequent basis. I’m content with my sheets that are well-worn and chemical free. Until now.

I discovered these amazingly affordable organic sheet sets from Magnolia Organics. The colors are the first thing that grabbed my attention.  I mean, how can the bright, tropical colors of The Basics collection not make you smile?? Can’t afford a tropical vacation this year? Buy a sheet set in the color of Hawaiian Ocean. It’s much cheaper.

Perhaps you’ve got a more subdued color palette in the bedroom. Not to worry. The Dream, Essentials and Estate collections have colors for anyone – from dark browns and muted blues to classic creams and tans.

It’s easy to use organic cotton for anything.  It’s a great step in the right direction, but if the entire process isn’t eco-friendly, it’s eco-value is diminished. So I was very inquisitive about how Magnolia Organics was able to achieve colors beyond the drab “natural” of most eco-sheet sets and allow consumers to showcase their style through color. The good news is that they understand the entire system, too. The colors are made in an eco-friendly (and healthy) way without formaldehyde or heavy metals. And they believe in Fair Labor practices.  Pretty good stuff.

But along with all of the eco-goodness, the one thing that makes me even happier is the price point. Sure, organic cotton sheets are easy to come by nowadays.  But the value of Magnolia Organics’ sheets are hard to beat. I mean, an organic twin sheet set collection for only $34.99!!!  That’s unheard of. And reason enough to visit for your next bedding purchase.

Baby bedding is available, too – a necessity for little ones who should be protected from all of the nasty stuff that can be found in conventional bedding.

And it gets even better. You can also find duvet sets and barrier cloth mattress and pillow case covers.  The latter is especially a great find for me. I talk about the importance of barrier covers for your bedding to reduce your exposure to allergy-causing dust mites that are always found in the bed. However, most covers are made of a plastic material – neither good for you or your sleep. These are made of all cotton – and much more affordable than others that I’ve priced.



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Tuesday 21st of June 2016

I am very thankful today that I discovered something really awesome.